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North Korean Menace & Clinton

Reported by Deborah - February 10, 2005

The new graphic in muddy colors, North Korean Menace, appeared tonight on H&C with a very somber drumbeat to set the mood. Then Hannity quickly blamed the nuclear weapons in North Korea on Bill Clinton while video clips of North Korean goose stepping soldiers were flashed on the screen.. There was no attempt at speculation on this issue by Hannity and Jed Babbin. It's all Clinton's fault and that's final.

According to Hannity, Bill Clinton gave the North Koreans all the technology they needed plus food and then said,
"Please Mr. Dictator don't make nuclear weapons with this technology"
Jed Babbin agreed with Hannity referring to "The Clintons" making the deal as if Hillary had a say in the negotiations in 1994.

When Colmes cames on and spoke to the other guest, Selig Harrison, we got a very different picture. The deal made with North Korea provided them with oil, food and technology to make nuclear energy for power needs and in return there was a promise not to use the technology for weapons. However, in 2002, Bush identified them as part of the axis of evil and cut off their shipments of oil. Since the U.S. broke their part of the bargain and threatened them as well, the fault lies with this administration because there is evidence that the weapons weren't built during the Clinton years.

During this Clinton blaming segment, a picture of Hillary and Kerry placed placed head to head in a little box flashed quickly on the right bottom corner of the screen. This occurred right after a segment with Newt Gingrich where Hillary in 2008 was one of the main topics.

If Fox has the graphic and sound effects operational, we know this story is just beginning. Although Hannity and Babbin claimed that war was not a possibility, you just can't ignore those drumbeats,dum duh dum dum.

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