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Bill Maher on Hannity&Colmes

Reported by Deborah - February 9, 2005

Bill Maher had some interesting and surprising things to say tonight during his appearance on Hannity & Colmes. The segment opened with a discussion of Ward Churchill and free speech and moved into the Democratic Party and Maher's new vision for his show on HBO.The exchange between Maher and Hannity was unusually civil, partly because Hannity didn't attack Maher which usually forces a guest to become oppositional. Another reason for the mature civility was Bill Mahr's ability to separate a person from their politics which he does so well on his show, Real Time.So although Hannity made a half hearted attempt to introduce some tension into the discourse, Maher managed to keep it balanced.2/09/05

Hannity asked Maher about Ward Churchill's right to spew evil using tax payer's dollars. Maher expressed concern about the current tendency to censor professors sending a chilling message about free speech. He went on to mention the new study that shows that 50% of kids surveyed think it's okay for government to regulate what people say adding that civics is no longer taught in schools and kids don't understand the importance of our consitutional rights. It's the "Bush generation"

Maher obviously committed to changing the atmosphere of his show said that he wanted more conservatives in his audience. Maher doesn't blame conservatives for avoiding his live audience because they feel unwelcome but he wants his conservative guests to feel supported when they appear.

Hannity made one last effort to antagonize Maher by telling him that the show where Maher and Moore begged Nader not to run was pathetic and the Democratic party was ruined going to the left. Maher was totally cool answering that the Dems need to go far left so that people have a real choice.

comment: The best hope we have for healing this country is to end the hostile attack mentality and start an honest and friendly discussion.The media standards need to change because people are sick of the pit bulls like Hannity, Rush and O'Reilly who promote divisive anger. Our readers have seen what happens on one of our threads when someone comes in with a brutal attack that will immediatly fog the issue and turn everyone into bickering children.
That's their intent and maybe we need to make some changes like Bill Maher.

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