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Shepard Smith Laughs at CNN's & Other's Stance on Coverage of the Michael Jackson Trial

Reported by Ellen - February 8, 2005 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith, he spoke with Robert Thompson from the Center for the Study of Popular TV at Syracuse University.

Shepard said he saw this morning that CNN and others were going to use 'restraint' in their coverage of the Michael Jackson trial and he just 'laughed out loud'.

The three that he mentioned were CNN, MSNBC and Access Hollywood, though he said the E Channel was 'thirsty' for the coverage. Shepard said that Michael Jackson was the most famous guy in the history of the world with these kinds of charges against him, so he couldn't understand major media saying they will be using restraint.

Shepard wanted to know who they were kidding. He asked Thompson if they were being disingenuous. Thompson said they 'may' be serious now, but things could change. Thompson went on to say that this is the next 'Story of the Century' and they usually come around about once every 18 months.

Shepard added that 'we won't resist it here'.

Comment: We know, we know. Look for overblown coverage on the Michael Jackson trial even though cameras aren't allowed in the courtroom.

Reported by: Donna
Edited by Ellen