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Hannity's Latest Target From CNN

Reported by Deborah - February 8, 2005

Eason Jordan, CNN Journalist, is in the center of a controversy about a statement he made about journalists in Iraq who have been killed while covering the war, implying that the journalist's deaths were not simply part of the collateral damage. Brent Bozell and Danny Schecter, Mediachannel.org and Weapons of Mass Deception , discussed the reaction to Jordan's comments. Bozell and Hannity were ready to condemn Jordan for smearing our troops and Schecter was ready with the bigger picture as well as proof that could vindicate Jordan, but Hannity and Bozell rejected Schecter's facts and offers of proof. 2/08/05

Here is a recent statement from Eason Jordan.

To be clear, I do not believe the U.S. military is trying to kill journalists in Iraq. But the U.S. military has killed several journalists in Iraq in cases of mistaken identity. The reason the word "targeted" came up at all is because I was responding to a comment by Congressman Franks, who said he believed the 63 journalists killed in Iraq were the victims of "collateral damage." Since three of my CNN colleagues and many other journalists have been killed on purpose in Iraq, I disputed the "collateral damage" statement, saying, unfortunately, many journalists -- not all -- killed in Iraq were indeed targeted.

Brent Bozell called Jordan's statements hideous. Schecter related a story about an Al Jazeera journalist killed by a US helicopter on the roof of a hotel yhat had been identified as a no hit location. Schecter tried to continue about but was interrupted by Bozell and Hannity demanding evidence Schecter quietly affirmed "I have evidence." Hannity and Bozell rolled right over Schecter's offer of proof and again accused Schecter of not being able to back up his statements. Schecter answered, "I would like to try."

Schecter tried to offer some information found in his film, Weapons> of Mass Deception, causing Hannity to claim that Schecter only wanted to promote his movie. Bozell added "I don't give a damn about what Al Jazeera thinks. They have no credibility."

comment: Anyone watching the segment would have no clear picture of the events that led up to Jordan's statement. Each time Danny Schecter offered information and evidence, he was over talked and discredited but he still manage to do an excellent job. Schecter always hold his own with Hannity.

So once again viewers were deprived of the complete truth on Fox.I have been reading about the growing number of journalists killed and the suspicions growing about US intention. Why not take a look at the facts? Wouldn't it be great if the citizens paying for this insanity were respected enough to be given the truth?

Hopefully, viewers will start demanding all the facts from Fox and other media outlets.People are really fed up with the media control and and the many e mails we recieve make us optimistic that the level of awareness concerning media distortion has been raised considerably.

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