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John Gibson: Let's talk about dynasties

Reported by Chrish - February 6, 2005

John Gibson's "My Word", the segment that is admittedly opinion, focused on dynasties in American politics. Sort of. Not really. It was actually an opportunity for more Clinton-bashing.

He began saying there's lots of chatter about the "dynastic character of the American Presidency" ('scuse me, isn't that completely contrary to the essence of representative democracy?). Regarding the Bushes; a son is now in the White House less than a decade after the father moved out; a brother to the son who followed the father is "waiting in the wings" and believe it or not the brother is the one the family thought would follow the father; then there's the next generation, the young man who has the famous presidential name and looks like Enrique Iglesias, thought to be a real "hottie" for the next generation.
"That's the Bush situation. What about the Clintons? As the girl says in the new 'Bourne Supremacy' movie, 'you want the scary version'?"
"Here we have Hillary getting all keyed up to be President in '08, make Howard Dean a total irrelevancy, (I think they doth protest too much - they're scared o' Howard) and her husband the former President, he's about to take over the UN! Kofi Annan can't seem to tell when a guy wants his job; he's just named Bill the Tsunami High Commissioner; that's just one short step from Secretary General.

"Bill would be just the guy for the 190 nations who mistrust the United States (John: they mistrust your guy BUSH and with good reason) Afterall, he was the president they say they loved. They didn't really, but when Bush came along they discovered they really did love Bubba after all. 'He speaks international so well', they positively swoon. He's gonna end up Sec. Gen., you watch. They have big dreams, this couple. He'll be running the world from the tower on the East River, she'll be running the world from the White House; if the UN is ticked at the US he'll be able to get right through to her. If she gets annoyed because some country nobody (read: no Fox viewer) has ever heard of is complaining about her bombing some place - she'll be very hawkish, I predict - she will call him and tell him to go down to the General Assembly and restore order.

In the corporate world they call this synergy. In the Clinton world it's called two-for-one, part deux. That is my word."

Comment: What a load of paranoid ranting! To have that kind of garbage coming from a "journalist", a "fair and balanced" one, at the end of a "news hour", just highlights what Fox's true mission is. I found it interesting that John Gibson thinks the resident of the White House runs the world. It needs to be pointed out to John also that a power couple (like, say, the Doles) is quite different from a dynasty, a succession of rulers. I know people who voted for Bush in 2000 SOLELY on name recognition, and you can bet the Republicans will exploit that American "brand loyalty" again if they can.

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