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Hannity's Twisted Moral Compass

Reported by Deborah - February 5, 2005

As Hannity spins faster and faster to support the policies of this administration, his claim of moral superiority gets harder to validate.Hannity may call himself a good American and devout Christian but his rhetoric paints a different picture for viewers.
Last night he claimed that James Mattis,who embarrassed this country with his shocking comments, was a great hero and joined John Stossel to demean Ted Turner for his philanthropy. 2/4/05

Bill Press was on hand to discuss the horrid comments made by James Mattis. Although Mattis has had a distinguished military career, few people can argue that his announcement that shooting the enemy in Afganistan was fun was unacceptable. Hannity got on his high horse about taking pride in defeating evil calling Mattis a hero. Bill Press was outraged and stood up to Hannity quite well.

John Stossel followed with a short clip of Ted Turner walking off an interview. Hannity had teased the segment to make Turner look like a prima donna but in reality Turner had every right to walk off. It seems that Stossel was badgering Turner about the billions he gave to charity especially the UN claiming that Turner would have served the economy better if he had invested his money in our economy.Even in that short clip it was clear that Stossel was rude and accusatory about Ted Turner's generosity. Turner got up and said that it was ridiculous and who can argue with that assessment. Then Hannity and Stossel continued their discussion about how wealthy people giving money away to help the third world are somehow misguided.

Comment: I wonder how Hannity's defense of torture and brutality can be interpreted as moral? In reality, he is showing an extreme disrespect for our troops by defending any of this behavior especially the notion that it's okay to enjoy killing the enemy.My Husband, Father,Uncles are all veterans and the opposite was true for them. My husband commented that because war brings out the dark side of the human soul,we should not judge Mattis for his feelings adding that talking about it in public was a kind of treason because it undermined the morale and reputation of our troops.

The Ted Turner segment was just another revenge segment for his statements against Fox but to try to discredit him for his generosity just shows Hannity's small and vindictive mind.

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