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Fox equation - Clinton+UN=FEAR

Reported by Chrish - February 5, 2005

There were four teasers for the story of Bill Clinton's new job at the UN on The Big Story 2/2, but the focus was really on the specualtion about his aspirations there. The combination is toxic for Fox.

:10 "The UN taps Bill Clinton to be its point man on tsunami relief but some people fear this is just a stepping stone to the top job at the world body for Bubba." (Point Man) (banner)

:28 "Former President Bill Clinton has a new job running UN tsunami relief. But some conservatives are worried the former president could be angling for a different job at the UN; what could that be?" (First Step?)

:41 Bill Clinton's got a new job; it's UN tsunami relief chief. BUT does he maybe want a little more - maybe become the next Secretary General? I'm Heather Nauer and I'll take a look at why that is scaring some folks." (U-N Bill)

:48 "Still to come, the Big Story - does President Clinton have his eye on the top spot at the United Nations? Heather Nauer reports on who's worried Bill Clinton could be searching for a new job." (Chill Bill)

:51 John: "Bill Clinton has been named the special envoy for tsunami effected nations. Is this a sign of bigger things to come for the former president? HN has more on Clinton's future."

HN "Well the UN says that former President Clinton is absolutely perfect for keeping the plight of the region in the spotlight, but critics LIKE retired US Senator Jesse Helms, a long-time Clinton foe, are worried that Clinton is after an even bigger job. That job would be the UN Secretary General, once Kofi Annan's term is up in 2006. (Clinton's future)

Joined by Michael Weiskopf of Newsweek HN asks "The Big Question today is, is Bill Clinton positioning himself as the next Secretary General? "

Weiskopf replied that if he was he would have some major political hurdles to overcome:
1. No permanent member of the Security Council has ever "offered up" someone for the top job.
2. He would require approval of some sort from GW Bush, who would not be likely to approve 'someone like' Clinton who could second guess him on foreign policy issues. (Comment: wouldn't that be fun!)
3. It's Asia's turn.

HN: "But there has to be certain people either at the UN or in the international community who think that perhaps putting Bill Clinton's name out there, could be sort of a thumb in the eye of the United States...or,, at least,,... Bush."

MW: says essentially there may be people who feel that way but there are also people who think Clinton would be good for the position because of his unique experience.

Heather says that they're hearing both sides, that this speculation is really nothing and also that Bill Clinton really wants the job. Then she asks this leading question: "Is the UN perhaps creating some of this noise to try to deflect attention from the Oil for Food scandal and the Volker report which is coming out soon?"

Comment: Don't ask a question unless you know the answer, right? And who's the conspiracy theorist now?

Michael: "I think not." There's a lot of jockeying for the top job, Clinton probably would love to have the job.

Heather: "We've never had an American hold that position. Do you think there's something against Americans in general at the UN?"

Comment: see above

MW: Well certainly it would be a great concentration of power. US is largest financial benefactor of the UN and we have great influence with many members of the General Assembly not to mention the Security Council.
HN, laughing a bit, interjects "but maybe not that good."
MW: "Certainly, the question is, given the divided nature of politics in this country, whether or not it is something that could be approved by a Republican administration, and that approval would be necessary."

Comment: Heather was clearly trying to demonize the UN as being anti-American and the pairing of Clinton with the UN will surely raise Fox viewers hackles. Keep that negative energy and worry up! Michael Weiskopf of the literate elite media was factual and calmly exposed the holes in her unprofessional leading questions. When he pointed out that it was likely to be Bush and not the "anti-American" UN who would prevent Clinton from becoming Secretary General (a big if anyway) the interview was quickly ended.

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