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Condi Rice's "Triumph"

Reported by Ellen - February 5, 2005

FOX News reporter Steve Centanni, on FOX News Live with Alan Colmes last night said, "Condi Rice, just sworn in a few days ago (as Secretary of State) and now she's already on her first triumphant European tour." He seems to have a strange idea of what "triumphant" means.

Centanni tried to paint the picture that Rice is working with the Europeans on the issue of Iran, as Bush promised to do Wednesday night during his State of the Union speech. Centanni said , "It's probably not in any of the western countries' interest to see a nuclear program or nuclear weapons being developed in Iran. And a lot of people are concerned about it, not just the US... The European leaders that the Secretary of State's going to visit this week share our concerns about that and some say that the program has been accelerated... while the US has been preoccupied with Iraq."

Centanni didn't mention what the New York Times reported about Condi's visit.

Less than a day after President Bush declared he was "working with European allies" to persuade Iran to give up its nuclear program, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the United States would continue to rebuff European requests to participate directly in offering incentives for Iran to drop what is suspected of being a nuclear arms program...

(Rice) said she hoped her trip would send "a very clear message" that Europe and the United States were united in their approach.

But in tone and substance, her comments suggested that a wide rift remained; Europeans continue to complain that the Bush administration was overly confrontational. Some Europeans fear that the American approach could lead to eventual attacks on areas suspected of being Iranian nuclear sites. The foreign ministers of several European nations have recently begun to warn that without American participation in an incentive package for Iran, their efforts could founder.

Colmes brought up the Bush administration's pre-war claim that invading Iraq would persuade Iran to back down and "not be as ready to start nuclear proliferation. Didn't the opposite happen?"

Centanni said that the administration hopes that with the success of the elections in Iraq the Iranians will see the success of a Shi'ite democracy and overthrow the mullahs in Iran.

Colmes said that he found that view "quite naive." (Comment: Unless Bush plans on giving the Iranians a little undercover help.)

Centanni: "That's what Americans would like to see happen. Maybe they're just dreaming, maybe not."

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