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O'Reilly's Academic Wars Continue

Reported by Deborah - February 4, 2005

O'Reilly is determined to prove that our Universities are treacherous enemies of the Bush administration.Tonight there were three segments devoted to this theme. There must be a very busy intern behind the scenes digging up these obscure stories.

The first six minutes were devoted to the Churchill story. This time, there were two former students of Churchill getting badgered by John Gibson who was subbing for O'Reilly. Gibson turned up the heat tonight calling for Churchill's firing.

Then Bush's alma mater,Yale, came under fire with a story about their ban of military recruiters on campus.Kenji Yoshido, Dean of Intellectual Life, was Yales's spokesman and Gibson's voice dripped with venom during the introduction when he uttered the dreaded word, intellectual Gibson asked Yoshida, "Isn't this about Yale stamping it's little feet against the policies of the Bush administration?" It turned out that this policy began in 1978 and although Gibson tried to make a connection with Bush, he failed miserably. Yoshido was obviously driving him nuts by breaking up the evolvement of the policy into three stages. Gibson, holding his head in frustration said, " Can you rush through the next stage."

The third and most obscure was a report about two incidents.A cop told a woman to remove her bumper sticker which read F*** Bush but he soon discovered that the bumper sticker was perfectly legal. Gibson found it alarming that this was legal while a University of Oregon vehicle could not legally sport a Support Our Troops magnet. Gibson declared, "This confirms that universities are hostile to the American government, hostile to our troops." In reality,the vehicle belonged to the State, not the university, and bumper stickers of any type are prohibited on state owned vehicles.

comment: So it's now time to target the intellectuals and we all know what that behavior indicates.We had better open our eyes to the fact that our Democracy is under attack.This is a deadly serious situation because an informed and open debate is vital and the conservatives no longer want this to happen.Education and complex opinions are now discredited and labeled anti american.This should send a chill to our cores because we thought it could never happen here.

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