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James Dobson, Big Boobs & the Lingerie Bowl

Reported by Melanie - February 4, 2005

Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family was a guest today (February 4, 2005) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto. (James Dobson was a guest on "the number one business show on the planet"? I know. It doesn't make much sense but hey, it's Fox, and it isn't really a business show.)

Dobson's group is spending $4.2 million to buy sonograms and train technicians to use them so that when women "see that little heart beating" and that little baby "cavorting in the amniotic fluid" it'll give "worth and value to that unborn child," but no, there's "not a shred of evidence" that there's any "arm twisting going on" concerning the abortion issue.

Cavuto and Dobson talked about today's ruling by a New York judge that New York's same-sex marriage ban violates the state's constitution ("The American people do not want this."), and the Sponge Bob Square Pants controversy ("Whenever you hear tolerance and diversity you begin to ask yourself what's behind it.").

At the end of the discussion Cavuto said that his two and three year old children are mesmerized by TV and he wondered how to handle that. Dobson said that was a tough one because "popular culture is at war with parents today" and those trying to teach "values and morality" find themselves "undermined by the culture." Dobson said you have to "watch what they're looking at because pornography is everywhere as you know." (My emphasis.) This was the last thing Dobson said and Cavuto thanked him for coming.

Then, THEN, immediately, Fox News goes live to a studio in California and there sit two women, visible from the waist up, with nothing but bras on. (Here's a picture. Thanks Dee!) The two cups of the bras are individual pieces of material separated by two inches, and tied together with string. One of the women has her arms to her side and she's pressing inward so her breasts push together making more cleavage. LACE-ING UP! is written at the bottom of the screen. Cavuto said they'd be talking about the Lingerie Bowl "after this."

After the break Cavuto did the 90-second, "Fox Stox" portion of the show. During Fox Stox, Cavuto highlights four or five stocks. One of the stocks highlighted today was Anheuser-Busch who is running an ad during the Super Bowl that mimics the Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction." Cavuto showed part of the ad which featured a young woman with very large breasts sitting in a courtroom (here's a pix). She's pleading to advertise "GoDaddy.com." She stands up, wearing a t-shirt several sizes too small, thrusts her breasts out and shows the "GoDaddy.com" lettering on the front of her t-shirt as one of the t-shirt straps breaks and the shirt begins to fall off.

After Fox Stox, Cavuto turned to the two California bra women who were still pushing their breasts together. They are members of the "Los Angeles Temptation" (or "Team Dream"). They'll be playing in the "Lingerie Bowl" on Sunday opposite the Super Bowl. The two "girls" said there will be four "girls" on each team as well as a rap artist and a runway show. The Lingerie Bowl lasts for two hours and costs and can be ordered through your cable TV provider for $l4.95. Cavuto and the "girls" agreed that they hope men will switch back and forth between the Super Bowl and the Lingerie Bowl come Sunday.

Comment: Don't you just love it? One minute the message is "values and morality" and pornography being everywhere (I'm shocked. SHOCKED!) and the next you've got two women in bras in front of you after you just got hepped up watching that "GoDaddy.com" ad. Yippee! You go, Fox News! James Dobson one minute and "girls" in bras the next.

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