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FNL Doesn't Put Much Faith in the Vatican

Reported by Nancy - February 4, 2005 -

Today (2/4/) on FNL, Jane Skinner was in for David Asman, so at least there was no Asman Observer. The rest of the program was the usual mish-mash of short blurbs, lame "stories" & exhaustive, flattering coverage of the most minute activities of anyone in the Bush administration. But one segment revealed that, despite all its pro-Christian posturing, FNL thinks it's perfectly fine to bash the Catholic Church.

At 11:06am (ET) Greg Burke in Rome reported that Pope John Paul II continues to improve. Burke said, in a tone of voice that was both cynical & sneering, "We don't know how much faith to put" in Vatican announcements about the Pope's health, then went on to speculate about whether & how the Pope might or might not be able to give his regular Sunday address.

Comment: Can you imagine Fox allowing a reporter to say "We don't know how much faith to put" in White House announcements, or Pentagon announcements, or Scott McClellan's announcements? Why is okay to diss the Catholic Church?