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Another Biased Guest

Reported by Nancy - February 4, 2005 -

There was an interview on FNL yesterday morning (2/3) that illustrates quite well why Fox's claim to be "fair & balanced" is simply bogus.

At 11:23am (ET), following a clip of Bush's State of the Union speech, Brigitte Quinn commented that Bush "reaching out" to pro-democracy activists & interviewed Robert Jordan (former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia). Quinn's first question was about Iran & Jordan said that the US wouldn't provide military support, but rather "moral support" to emerging freedom fighters, saying that Iranian students, for example, "want to throw off the rule of the mullahs." Quinn then asked whether CRice's "message" to Iran might be that the US is "going to get tougher" with Iran about their nuclear program. Jordan said the US will "have to mobilize every ounce of pressure" to deal with Iran's nuclear program. Quinn switched to Syria, asking if diplomacy can work there. Jordan dismissively said that Syria has "lost all credibility" & that the "time has come for them to take a forceful approach" citing their support for "Hezbollah & oher terrorist organizations." Quinn asked whether "democracy in Iraq" helps & Jordan agreed that it does help to have Iraq as a "stable country at peace with its neighbors" adding that "they [Iraq] may be able to pressue Syria." Quinn then asked about world reaction to Bush's speech, gratuitously adding comments about moments "where there was not a dry eye in the house" & calling ink-stained fingers a "symbol of the Bush preemptive doctrine" & a "vindication of it." Jordan diplomatically [comment: no pun intended -- he is, after all, a former Ambassador] said that "some editorials have been very complimentary" & also waxed rhapsodic about the "symbolism" of fingers diipped in ink.

Comments: Let's get some more info about Jordan, shall we? He served as US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia from Oct 2001 to Oct 2003; he was appointed by Bush. During Jordan's tenure as Ambassador, the US's primary military base in Saudi Arabia, Prince Sultan Air Base (built after the Gulf War), was quietly -- very quietly, announced one day after Bush's "Mission Accomplished" stunt -- closed & relocated in Qatar. It was also during his tenure that the US agreed to swap 5 suspected Saudi terrorists being held at Gitmo for several British "hostages" being held by the Saudi government. On Sept 23, 2003, the foreign press (such as the World Tribune) reported that "Riyad had demanded the expulsion of US ambassador Robert Jordan after he publicly sided with the pro-US contender for the throne ..." A few days later, the White House announced that Jordan was leaving "for personal reasons."

Jordan has also been Bush's personal lawyer. As a corporate defense lawyer in the Houston law firm of Baker Botts ("Baker" as in James Baker, GHWBush's friend & Secy of State), Jordan personally represented GWBush in 1991-93, when the SEC was investigating Bush on insider-trading violations involving stock of his company, Harken Energy (& Salon has more info on just how shady that "representation" was).

There's more background on some of Jordan's other activities at Return of the Warblog

So is Jordan unbiased? You decide ...

When Jordan talked about the US providing "moral support" to pro-democracy students in Iran, alI I could think of was the "moral support" the US provided to the Hungarians in 1956.

As for Jordan's diplomatic remarks about how "some editorials" were complimentary of Bush's speech, it would be equally true to say that "some editorials" were not.

So what's "Fair & Balanced" about this interview? Not much.