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No Democrats Allowed

Reported by Deborah - February 3, 2005

Hannity and Bill Bennett were supposed to be discussing the SOTU but the speech was ignored while they trashed Democrats in a mean, gossipy hate fest that was both nauseating and unprofessional.Then Hannity had an exclusive interview with Cheney and instead of praising their President, they chose to do the same thing.

Following a discussion on Social Security with Colmes, Hannity and Bennett started the personal attacks.Bennett declared that the party has never been in worse shape and they're wandering around the mall visiting the FDR memorial.Bennet expressed concern claiming that we need a two party system hinting that the Democrats have vanished into obscurity. Bennett said that any party that has to have Howard Dean as a leader is in trouble. Hannity added that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid make Tom Daschle look like he has charisma.

Then on to Hillary Clinton admitting that she has been making good points but it's all well thought out and invented probably by her husband. Bennett sneered,"Who do you think is the smartest one in that family?"

Hannity opened his exclusive with Cheney asking what he thought of the ink stained fingers.Cheney replied in his monotone,
"Nice gesture. That woman in the balcony... very dramatic moment"
Then Hannity launched his Kennedy, Kerry, Kucinich shtick. Cheney responded as planned.

comment: This was Hannity's chance to gloat so why didn't he take it? Why did he and Bennett need to do their Dem destroying act so soon after the election and SOTU? Maybe because Republicans are in power but they know their days are numbered.

When Howard Dean becomes head of the DNC the days of the easily intimidated Democrat are over. Now any voice of opposition is squelched by Rush and Hannity who relentlessly destroy their character and distort their statements.Dr. Dean is tough, gutsy and a quick learner. Just being a bully won't be enough anymore.

So much for Cheney's compassionate conservatism. He couldn't even remember the name of the heroic Iraqi who provided the teary moment referring to her as "the woman on the balcony" Very impressive indeed.

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