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First Cousin To Treason

Reported by Deborah - February 1, 2005

Zell Miller teamed up with Hannity for a SOTU pep rally and some good old Democrat lynching to get ready for the big event. Ted Kennedy, of course, was their number one victim and Colmes, fed up, confronted Zell about his thinly veiled accusations of treason.

Hannity chatting with Zell shared some exciting theatrics planned for the big event. Not only might there be Iraqi voters flown in to sit in the audience but there could be an inkwell at the entrance for spectators to finger dip to show their solidarity.

Naturally Hannity quickly switched to Ted Kennedy so Zell could take his shot. Zell complained that Kennedy was "so vocal, so visible"
He and Hannity agreed that Kennedy was aiding and abetting the enemy,
encouraging the insurgents.Zell added that Kennedy did it with "malice and fore thought."

Colmes, annoyed with their indirect character assassination, asked,
" Did he commit treason?"
Zell replied, "It was the first cousin to treason."

Later on after Hannity and Miller trashed Howard Dean, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, Colmes returned for a second go at Zell asking him to clarify the accusations of treason.
Miller wouldn't commit or deny saying that Kennedy was not supporting the troops.

Colmes beautifully brought up the death benefits for the troops that the administration did not want to increase one year ago when it was only $6,000 and now, right before the speech, the amount has been raised.Colmes asked Zell how that is supporting the troops. Miller had no answer and made a ridiculous, unrelated comment about how much the troops love Bush.

comment: So now anyone who disagrees with Bush will be called a traitor and supporters will dip their fingers in ink to show they are loyal so anyone who dares to enter without dipping will be branded. At first opposing voices were labeled unpatriotic and now opposition is considered treasonous.We see where this is going and it's time to be really frightened.

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