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Didn't You Just Know This Was Coming?

Reported by Ellen - February 1, 2005

After the news came out yesterday afternoon that Hillary Clinton fainted, I could almost hear the glee in the voices of at least some of the Hillary-haters out there. Last night, I heard the glee for real in the voice of one of the callers to Alan Colmes' radio show.

I should have known it was coming when "David in Dallas" said, "You are a proud, arrogant liberal, Alan... Look in the mirror... And make it a two-way mirror and have Hillary on the other side of it when you look." Then he giggled.

Not long after that, David offered "Option 3" for Iraq. "If they don't go for democracy over there, and they do turn rotten and bad under the Shi'ites, Option 3 is we just use the nuclear missile option and turn 'em into a sea of glass."

Of course, Alan didn't endorse that idea. David said, "You wimpy liberals do not ever want to go to war to defend even America.... That element of the world attacked us on 9/11."

Alan argued (politely) with him that Iraq did not attack us on 9/11, and asked how attacking Iraq was defending America. Rather than answer the question, which Alan asked at least twice, David used the classic troll technique of switching the subject to Clinton. Probably because he couldn't think of a reason to blame 9/11 on Bill Clinton and still have it be Iraq's fault, too, David talked about Hillary instead. "Hillary fell off the stage today, Alan, because they got to vote over there yesterday." He started laughing and said, "I got a good laugh out of that. She fell on her face."

"You're a good man. You're a good Christian," Alan said sarcastically.

"I know I am. I'm a good Christian," David said cheerfully and with sincerity.

Sometimes I wonder if there's any hope for this country.

UPDATE 2/1/05 By mistake, I tuned into Michael Savage today - just in time to hear him say that he was certain Hillary pulled the fainting "stunt" in order to take the spotlight off George Bush's success in Iraq. He then started excoriating the "quizling press" for not exposing this obvious fraud. That was all I could take.

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