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The Hate Business

Reported by Melanie - January 31, 2005

Fox News despises New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. Spitzer is a Democrat. He's making a name for himself by going after corporate crooks (instead of being one), he's a member of the "liberal elite," he's very popular, he wants to run for higher office, and he won't appear on Neil Cavuto's show, Your World w/Neil Cavuto. Cavuto threw a temper tantrum today (January 31, 2005) because of it. Cavuto acts like a two-bit thug, gathering his buddies around to do his fighting for him, when he urges his viewers to bombard Spitzer's office with calls and emails to try to intimidate Spitzer into coming on, which is what he did today. What a great way to generate sympathy for Fox News and anger toward Spitzer.

After reporting about the $850 million that the insurance broker, Marsh & McLennan has agreed to pay to end a bid-rigging probe conducted by Eliot Spitzer's office, Cavuto said this:

"By the way, regarding this Marsh settlement. Don't think we didn't try to get New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer on to talk about it. His office blew us off yet again. I'm beginning to feel a little paranoid here. He has refused literally dozens of calls for an interview over the last few years on this very program. We are told that he has no time for Fox but apparently he has plenty of time for other media interviews.

"Here's the way I see it. Spitzer is an elected official and he's free to speak to whoever he chooses. So we aren't exactly sure why Mr. Spitzer does not have any time for us on this show - the number one business show in the country I might add. Frankly, we've not gotten a good answer yet. Maybe he just hates me. Then Mr. Spitzer, I want you to do say it - Neil, I hate you - but for God's sake quit jerking us around and our viewers around.

"Now if you would like to try to get an answer, the email and phone number of General Spitzer's press person is listed on the screen.

Why Won't Eliot Spitzer Talk To Fox?
Contact: Brad Maione

"We'll show you that phone number again and again, and the email address, later in the show if you missed it. If you get an answer from Maione or Eliot Spitzer himself, please let us know. If he hates us, he can just tell us. Do I look like I'm too small to take it?"

Approximately 13 minutes later, at the very end of the show, Cavuto said:

"Don't forget. We are a little curious on this show as to why New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer will not appear on this program but has time for many other programs. Again, if you're curious - again he might just hate me - that's fine - just tell me but certainly don't give me the run around or Fox the run around saying you don't have time. That's a lie. Something that you apparently detest in a lot of the people you investigate.

"You can contact his PR guy, Brad Maione, 2l2-416-8060, that's the email address [as Maione's email address appeared on screen]. Just let him know you want to know why you hate Neil. That's fine. Neil can live with it. He's a big enough guy. Trust me, I am. I just want to know. It's [Maione's contact info] also on our website. Let this Brad guy know you care."

Comment: Neil Cavuto is starting to sound like a thug, or a gang member. Last Friday he used the word bastard in his "Common Sense" segment. Today he calls Eliot Spitzer a liar. Then again, Cavuto's in the business - the hate business that is - hate for the UN last Friday and hate for Eliot Spitzer today - so I guess foul language and name calling are the tools of his trade.

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