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Is Joe Leiberman A Loyal Democrat?

Reported by Deborah - January 31, 2005

Joe Leiberman appeared on H&C's special election show last night to express his support of the election results.There certainly can be no argument with his positive response because all of us were touched by the possibility of freedom for the Iraqi people.However, Joe Leiberman appeared on H&C as a representative of his party and it's what he could have said but didn't that's the problem.

A soundbite from John Kerry on Meet The Press opened the segment where Kerry expressed concern that the election might be over hyped.
Leiberman quickly said that he disagreed with every one of Kerry's statements adding that it was a thrilling day for him.

Hannity brought up Ted Kennedy's speech which has generated vicious attacks from Republicans especially Hannity. Leiberman again quickly disagreed with Kennedy claiming that the timing was off. "I wish Teddy had waited." Leiberman whined.

Colmes diplomatically suggested that it is possible to disagree with the NeoCon policies and still be supportive. Leiberman replied
"The point is that we are there and we should all come together." He mentioned supporting the troops adding "Classic liberals oughta be thrilled. I wish there was less carping and more unity."

Hannity added that if most Democrats had their way none of this would have happened. Leiberman replied that Democrats must send the message that they are prepared to protect the voter's security.He later stated that there were definitely WMD in Iraq, at least in the 1990's mentioning that he had seen the same intelligence as the other Senators.

comment: There was not one word of support for members of his own party. Leiberman should have expressed respect for Kennedy and Kerry in some way to show his solidarity. Instead, he chose to be the self righteous voice gaining Hannity's approval and at the same time discrediting his party.

I have read Kennedy's full speech which Hannity has shredded and there is a huge amount of support expressed for our role in Iraq. Leiberman could have easily mentioned some parts of Kennedy's speech that he found noteworthy. He could have at least mentioned Kennedy's patriotism and dedication to his country.The same goes for Kerry who made some excellent and logical points on Meet The Press.

Leiberman's smiling disrespect of his party members was disloyal and destructive. Maybe it's time the voters in Conneticut find someone who represents their values better.

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