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Happy Iraqis and Michael Jackson

Reported by Ellen - January 31, 2005

Today's Studio B had Jane Skinner filling in for Shepard Smith. Most of the stories focused on the Iraqi election and Michael Jackson.

Skinner started out by saying that "Praise is pouring in about the Iraq elections", but then didn't say where the praise was coming from. She did note that the interim President of Iraq was calling for 'national unity'. Skinner reported that President Bush made two calls, one to the interim President and the other to the interim Prime Minister in Iraq, extending his congratulations. She then spoke to Fox's White House correspondant, Wendall Goler, who said that the President 'got' France, Germany and Great Britain to agree that the election was a success. (comment: how he 'GOT' them to agree wasn't discussed in any detail, and was this the 'praise' she was talking about earlier, forced praise?) Goler also stated that the two calls to Iraq were probably better than the 'I told you so' calls that Bush made to about 6 countries who didn't support the war. (comment: wonder if Bush actually said, 'I told you so!')

They switched to a scene of dancing Iraqi's, but I couldn't quite make out if they were singing or not (Skinner said there was singing and dancing in the streets of Iraq).

They 'teased' about 5 times that Michael Jackson was in court and today they were starting the procedure of selecting jurors.

Then they showed a shot of the President with the World Champion NBA team, the Detroit Pistons, at the White House. Skinner went on to say that this is frequently done and that the President usually get's a jersey with #1 on it. Well she seemed a little surprised when he got a jersey with 04 on it.

They then had a Fox News Alert - Hillary collapsing and spoke about Hillary fainting at an earlier event and that it was probably just a stomach virus. (Comment: didn't see the need for an 'ALERT' as they had been reporting this same story earlier).

Skinner then interviewed two guests about the election in Iraq. Nile Gardner, from the Heritage Foundation said that it looked like a pretty good success, with around 60% voting under extreme conditions. He said it was a 'bold vision' and that the seeds of Democracy were starting to spread across the Middle East.

The Democratic strategist that they had on was Richard Goodstein. He said it felt like the day Bush had announced Mission Accomplished and expressed concern of whether the Iraqi people knew 'who' they were voting for. When he was asked if the price we paid was now worth it, he said, no, it was not.

A little later they showed some Iraqi soldiers dancing around and one caught my attention because he kept his face covered with his hand the whole time the camera was on.

One of the funniest moments was when Skinner was speaking with Neil Cavuto about a huge buyout of AT&T by SBC and she cut him off to switch to a video clip of Michael Jackson leaving the courtroom for the lunch recess. Alert!

The program ended with an interview with Tim Burger from Time Magazine who stated that there were now 100 'known' Russian spys in our country. He spoke about an interesting fact that Bush had 'expelled' 50 Russian when he was first elected. (Hmmmm - maybe this would help explain why the President and Condi Rice were talking 'Missile Defense' when they should have been talking about 'Terrorist Defense') So he said that 100 'known' spies at this time is quite a bit.

All in all, a happy day at Studio B, with singing and dancing Iraqis and several break ins to speak about Michael Jackson.

Reported by: Donna........Donna's Dissertations.......

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