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Geraldo Sheds a Tear in "Incredibly Heartwarming" Iraq

Reported by Ellen - January 30, 2005

As explosions hit Iraq, FOX News reporter Geraldo Rivera said "That's not the news... The news is that (Iraqis) are casting their ballots... It's incredibly heartwarming." As he showed one video, Geraldo told us that he cried twice watching "that guy."

Except for those pesky attacks, the FOX news was all good, all upbeat, all amazing. There were "just a few" suicide bombings and "a few" mortar attacks. Al Zarqawi "needs to get a new job." And the voters were not deterred.

During a segment with Shepared Smith, Rivera and Smith gushed over the fact that Iraqis, not Americans were guarding the pollng places. Smith said, "Iraqis are taking care of their own security. This isn't Americans coming in here and dictating at the polling places what we do. Iraqis are guarding Iraqi freedom and Iraqi freedom-lovers are going to the polls to exercise their right." Comment: Stirring words but how true were they? The MSNBC website has a photo whose caption reads, "A U.S. soldier and a sniffer dog search a polling station in the northern city of Mosul, Saturday."

Rivera, still overcome with emotion said, "I'm with you, brother... There have been plenty of bombs and bullets flying but the headline, as Shep suggests, clearly the turnout unbelievable." Comment: Unbelievable is right. MSNBC reports, "In a potentially troublesome sign, however, the polls were deserted in heavily Sunni cities like Fallujah, Ramadi and Samarra west and north of Baghdad."

Rivera continued breathlessly, "And the amazing thing when I went to the polling place - They didn't want to seem like it was America's military might that was pulling this whole thing off. They stayed two blocks away... You had a feeling in there, kind of a family feeling... An exciting day, a historic day here in Iraq. It is the dawn of freedom."

Comment: Maybe the US troops didn't want to look like it was the US military might pulling the "whole thing" off but who locked down the country? Which vehicles are the ones allowed in the streets? Who forced the elections in the first place?

Later, with Rita Cosby, Rivera said, "You know, Rita, I wish you were here to see it... It has been an exhilerating experience. What I saw was Berlin 1989, what I saw was 1776... a nation aborning. These people have never ever had the chance to participate in a democratic government. The turnout was unbelievable. They were coming out in droves and so happy about it."

Comment: 1776? Only if the French or Spanish conquered the colonies, then forced us to hold elections during martial law. I have a feeling Geraldo, had he been around then, would have been crying for different reasons under those kinds of circumstances.

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