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Conservative Hate and Anger

Reported by Ellen - January 29, 2005

Alan Colmes read a disturbing series of emails he received as a result of defending Ted Kennedy's views on last night's Hannity & Colmes (discussed on this blog earlier by Deborah).

Following are some excerpts:

"Well, Colmes, you stuck your cock-eyed, queer, communist, lying face in it again. By the way, you look like you're dying of AIDS."

"First you butt-hump that lying Communist sympathizer two-way klutz Kerry and now you're butt-humping an Iraqi insurgent sympathizer, the one, the only, the dirty fat pig drunken SOB Ted "Killer" Kennedy whose old man was a Nazi sympathizer. Must run in the family."

"Colmes, you have your head so far up Kennedy's butt, he has to open his mouth so you can see daylight."

We get a fair amount of comments like these also although usually not quite so coarse. I find these same people applauded Bush's "liberty" and "freedom" invocations during his inaugural address, are willing to forfeit American lives in order to democratize Iraq, and support Bush because they care deeply about "morals." Yet they are champing at the bit to stamp out any whiff of dissent or freedom of expression that disagrees with their own views. But that's not enough. They also demonize those who dare to exercise our American freedoms. What they say is worth dying for in Iraq seems nearly worth killing over in the US.

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