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Is Hannity Afraid Of Ted Kennedy?

Reported by Deborah - January 28, 2005

Hannity's reaction to the comment made by Ted Kennedy yesterday has been totally irrational and over the top even for Hannity.Last night he and Coulter ripped Kennedy to shreds but tonight he and Bill Bennett were making hysterical accusations and threats indicating a desire to destroy rather than discredit Kennedy. Maybe it has something to do with Kennedy and Lautenberg's Stop Government Propaganda Act being introduced in the Senate. 1/28/05

Hannity accused Kennedy of aiding and abetting the enemy several times tonight because he said that our military presence in Iraq is part of the problem and we should start an immediate withdrawl starting with 12,000 troops. No attacks were made on Bush in Kennedy's speech and his tone was respectful. He simply disagreed with policy which is what happens in a functioning Democracy.

Bill Bennett called Kennedy's comment disgusting, unpatriotic and unamerican. Then he made this threat.
" People remember what he is from that night in Massacusetts. Unless the Democrats distance themselves from him, they will be hanging with him."

Colmes was infuriated and came back at Bennett denouncing the Republican need to stifle Democrats. Bennett claimed that other Democrats were not a problem like Kennedy. Geraldo and North joined the feeding frenzy when they appeared later in the show and Hannity went after Sheila Jackson Lee to denounce Kennedy.

Then Armstrong Williams who inspired the Kennedy/Lautenberg bill appeared apologizing for his poor judgement in taking $240,000 to promote the No Child Left Behind Bill on his radio show.Hannity made a point to minimize Armstrong Williams actions asking if this was all about his lack of disclosure.

The Stop Government Propoganda Act could have far reaching implications for certain members of the media in this country.This is what Kennedy said on the subject.
"The President said that his cabinet agencies made a mistake when they paid commentators to promote his agenda," Kennedy said in a statement. "It's more than just a mistake, it's an abuse of taxpayer funds and an abuse of the First Amendment and freedom of the press. ... If the President is serious about stopping these abuses, he will support this legislation."

Comment: Hannity and Bennett could have a lot to hide in this area. Hannity is #1 contact man for this administraton getting all the exclusives and running with all the issues du jour.Creating a campaign to destroy and discredit Kennedy and make everyone afraid to support him might be Hannity's best option.

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