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Shepard Smith Gets 'Personal Escort' for 'Happy Iraq' Story

Reported by Ellen - January 27, 2005

On Studio B with Sheppard Smith today, he spoke about his 'day trip' to Sadr City. When he spoke about 'no fly zones' yesterday, apparently they are not in force for Fox celebrities like Smith. He was escorted to Sadr City via a team of Black Hawk helicopters. Once there, he said he was surrounded by 4 Humvees and very 'heavily armed men'.

This is the context in which his story took place. How would you answer a man with this much fire power? Smith did admit later with Jane Skinner that you had to realize that people spoke to him under the conditions described above.

Smith's 'happy Iraq' story had to do with the reconstruction of Sadr City, the city formerly named Saddam City. He said it was a city of 2.5 million people and although things aren't perfect, they are improving. Smith says the US troops that are there are "now warriors and nation builders". He showed a pump station being rebuilt and spoke with a 'Ms. Layla'( (an Iraqi citizen) who said they had new pumps and it was getting better.

Then he spoke with an Iraqi man who said that things are better but he pointed out huge streams of raw sewerage covering a street where 200 feet away an open market was serving a quarter of a million daily. The Iraqi man said that things seem better but the children are sick. (I wonder why?)

He then went to a polling place (I thought they were secret?) and showed on camera how the citizens of this city had put up a homemade barrier to stop suicide trucks on election day.

Smith wrapped up his day trip with the following statement, "Some poeple DO (his emphasis) get it, and it's spreading."

Comment: Do the other news agencies get the same specialized treatment as Fox? Do they get teams of Black Hawk helicopters and armored Humvees and a personalized security force? Or is this only if you do a 'happy Iraq' story?

Reported by: Donna....Donna's Dissertations......

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