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Coulter & Hannity Against Our Democracy

Reported by Deborah - January 27, 2005

Ann Coulter and Hannity expressed their outrage tonight about Ted Kennedy's suggestion that the troops be withdrawn from Iraq because our military presence has become part of the problem.Coulter and Hannity seem to think that spreading Democracy in Iraq requires us to stifle it here but Richard Aborn and Colmes challenged them forcefully. 1/27/05

Hannity claiming that the left is undermining the war effort wondered when any Democrat would tell Kennedy to "shut up" Coulter added that Democrats are like little kids on a car trip "carping and complaining."

Coulter whined, "We're establishing Democracy and we get carping."
Aborn quickly replied,"It's viable dissent, not carping."

Colmes visibly annoyed asked Coulter when Democrats could express their opinions without being mocked. Coulter responded that the only acceptable anti war position was Pat Buchanan's because "he loves America."

Then Hannity regressed into the form of attack not seen since the campaign probably frustrated because Aborn was not backing down and Hannity actually had no case since Kennedy's statement was respectful.Hannity repeated, "Condemn him! When are you going to condemn him"

Comment:The great lovers of Democracy, Hannity and Coulter, are incapable of accepting any dissenting opinions.Tow the line completely or you're undermining the "war effort" Of course they've always been this way but it's pretty ridiculous while wailing about bringing freedom to totalitarian countries.

People need to remember that this stifling of the dissenting voice is
dangerous. Dissent is the key to Democracy and once the opposing voice is reviled, Democracy is gone.

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