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What a Conservative News Hour looks like.

Reported by Chrish - January 26, 2005

Watching The Big Story with John Gibson for the first time today, 1/25/05, several things were immediately apparent to my practiced bias-seeking eyes.
1. John Gibson is an unabashed party man. 2. Sometimes he is downright rude to his guests. 3. The make-up of the show heavily favored Republican points of view.

I knew I was in for it when Gibson, introducing Wendell Goler's segment, said the White House is asking for ANOTHER 80 B-B-BILLION DOLLARS (my emphasis) "to help establish democracy and secure a peaceful future".
Comment: NCLB punishes "failing" schools by yanking their funding if they don't reach federally-mandated goals by a deadline. Can we have the same accountability in Iraq? And then give the money to the "failing" schools?
Wendell Goler's report was short and to the point, and included clips of 2 Democrats.
Back in the studio, Gibson summed it up saying that it was likely the administration would get the "additional $80billion for our troops but not without some grumbling and grousing from lawmakers holding the purse strings."
Comment: Of course the Republicans will rubber-stamp anything the administration wants and the opposition will come from the Democrats. This "for our troops" insertion (what happened to establishing democracy?) is meant only to play on our emotions and to make hesitation to approve such a huge amount tantamount to abandonment of our soldiers.

Gibson then had on a Democrat and Republican to discuss the appropriation. Gibson overtalked/cut off the Democrat, Nita Lowey, three times, and the Republican, Mark Foley, not at all.

Next up was Oliver North, talking about kidnapped American Roy Hallum whose video was just released. Rumor has it Mr. North is a wee bit mili-conservative and may be prone to, well, doing anything for the cause. He got 6 respectful minutes to share his views.

Next up was the segment on HRC's speech which emphasized that pro-choice and anti-choice people need to find a common ground. Two MEN were invited to discuss whether her appeal for civility and compromise indicated a move to center, foretelling a 2008 presidential bid. (The BIG Question; should read "The BIG Obsession.) Of note, the Democrat (former AZ Senator Dennis DeConcini) was anti-choice and advocated that the Democratic Party needs to "move to the middle".

The next segment was not a big story but dealt with a favorite of Fox fans - Billionaire George Soros and his plans for financing progressive causes over the next few years ("buy{ing} political capital") discussed by Gibson and Jeff Birnbaum. These two insinuated that there are already more liberal or 'left-leaning' think-tanks in Washington than there are conservative, citing as the basis for this theory being that "a lot of people" would put the Brooking Institute in the left-leaning category. Comment: from what little I know of them, they seem pretty professional and impartial. In RW world, anything left of Bush is liberal.
Gibson jabbed his pen to drive home the importance of the point that when Soros and some other wealthy financiers met in San Francisco after the election "to lick their wounds", they made their aides leave the room for part of the meeting. I fail to see the significance - does Roger Ailes let Gibson sit in on top level meetings?

Patti Ann Browne told us in all seriousness that a new study says it is "just too expensive" to protect all the nation's airliners from missile attacks. The cost of $11 billion for equipment and subsequent $2 billion annually for maintenance apparently can't be shifted from the DOD to Homeland Security. See first segment description to ignite righteous outrage about your tax dollars at work.

Discussing stocks with Terry Keenan, Gibson quoted Jeff (unintelligible) as saying "the world-wide economy is good" after noting GE's large profits. Terry said that GE's effective tax rate went into the basement the last quarter, helping their profits. (More of your tax dollars at work.) She also noted that small investors were, surprisingly, not putting their money in the stock market. As a VERY small investor, I know I am putting my bucks into my furnace and my gas tank.

Judge Napolitano came on to discuss the case of Michael New, a US soldier who was court-martialled in 1996 for refusing an allegedly illegal order to put on a UN helmet and uniform when he was in macedonia in 1995. New's attorney, Herb Titus, is representing him in an appeal. This segment presented opportunities to showcase a soldier's integrity and to throw another stone at President Clinton, who as C-i-C put the soldier's unit under control of the UN. A Fox trifecta of patriotism, UN sneering, and Clinton bashing.

The final (thank gawd) segment was about those Hollywood liberals urging the governator to allow undocumented immigrants to get driver's licenses. The guest, Richard Leiby, said that after the elecion there has been a backlash against celebrity endorsements and they may hurt more than they help, especially among Democrats (but of course). He went on to imply that the celebrities are endorsing this cause for publicity.
"People might snicker that maybe they need their help to have driver's licenses to get out to Malibu to do their various jobs", said Gibson, suppressing a snicker.
Gibson tried to make the case that terrorists would use these benificient licenses to get airline tickets etc and do their dirty work. He wondered "does this issue of facilitating terrorist in their ease in moving around this country mean ANYthing to these Hollywood stars?" What a blatant attack on celebrities who are advocating for a piece of legislation, tying them to terrorist supporters. They should sue him for slander, Martin Sheen and Mike Farrell (who were singled out) in particular. I am surprised that as a newsman Gibson is unaware that evildoers use phony IDs.

"My Word" gave credit to outgoing AG John Ashcroft for "what he has wrought" in the world, as France, Germany, and England are rounding up young Muslims suspected of terrorist ties and throwing them out of the countries. Unmentioned was Ashcrofts abysmal record of conviction of terrorist suspects in this country. Hm, let me think, I believe it was, zero.

Comment: Pity the fool who watches this show and thinks they're getting objective journalism.

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