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Movies & Death Squads & Rants, Oh My!

Reported by Nancy - January 25, 2005 -

On FNL today (1/25), there was one interview, almost near the end of the program, where the guest was so whiny she made David Asman look sane & reasonable.

At 12:48pm (ET), Asman interviewed Govindini Murty (Liberty Film Fest co-director). Murty comes across as a Coulter-wannabee. While they "discussed" (I use the term loosely) why Mel Gibson's "Passion..." wasn't nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, she made some typically over-the-top assertions: it's "because Hollywood is run by liberals"; & in the "last 35 years since the left took ove" they've "dried up creatively." When Asman pointed out that Clint Eastwood, known to be conservative-leaning, has been honored many times by the Academy & was nominated again this year for "Million Dollar Baby" (which got a total of 7 nominations), Murty dismissed that as an aberration & went off on a rant about how anti-Catholic that movie is. She was also outraged by how the Academy "ignored" the performances of the leading actors of "Passion...".

Comments: You know you're in trouble when Asman looks sane & reasonable compared to his guest. Asman, for example, pointed out that the Academy had given a Best Picture Oscar to "A Man For All Seasons" which was a very "pro-Catholic" film (not how I'd characterize it; I don't think you have to be Catholic to have a conscience & follow it, or to be willing to pay the ultimate price for doing so). Of course neither Asman nor Murty bothered with little details like Hollywood superstar & current Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger or that radical-right-wing icon, St Ronnie -- that would spike their little "poor us, we're so victimized" whiny rant.

None of which addresses the question of why a "hard news" program is devoting time to a fluff piece like covering the Oscar nominations.

Then there's the issue of the Liberty Film Fest. Surprise, surprise: turns out that this obscure "fest" was founded in 2004 by the husband-&-wife team of Jason Apuzzo & Govindini Murty, who appear to be the only people involved in it. Their first fest, in Oct 2004, honored (wait for it) "Passion...". Their website officially thanks, among others, the "LA County Republican Party, The Republican Jewish Coalition, The Center for the Study of Popular Culture, ... the terrific guys at Free Republic, the Hollywood Congress of Republicans" & acknowledges that their "major sponsor" Paul Harberger, President of the Foundation for Free Markets.

Go to their website (if you can stand it) & you can view clips with titles like "Govindini Debates a Psycho".

But wait! It gets better. Start googling folks. Turns out that the Foundation for Free Markets is also called the Fondacion Francisco Marroquin, & is allied with the Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala. which is headed by Manuel Ayau (who is mentioned adoringly on radical reactionary websites). Ayau is a member of Guatemala's most ultra-conservative party, the National Liberation Movement, which is allegedly directly linked to paramilitary death squads freely operating in the country during the 1980's. He is considered to be the ideologue of the more extremist sector of the business community. After meeting Ayau in 1979, Ronald Reagan described Ayau as "one of the few people in the high political sphere who understands what is going on down there."

Looks like the ghost of Ronald Reagan & US-sponsored death squads are alive & well on FNL.

Did someone say "fair & balanced"?