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Bill O'Reilly Calls Howard Dean an S.O.B.

Reported by Marie Therese - January 19, 2005

Bill O'Reilly - that great bastion of truth and unbiased commentary on all things polticial and otherwise - bashed Howard Dean's candidacy for DNC Chairman and issued a warning to the Democratic Party in his usual calm, rational style. Here's what he said on yesterday's O'Reilly Factor to guests Ellis Henican of Newsday and Democratic strategist Mary Anne Marsh.

O'Reilly: "Again, I think you guys are missin' the big picture here. Let me put it another way, Mary Anne. Howard Dean has alienated many people." O'Reilly gestures towards himself and after a pause, continues: "Me, alright! Because he's an obnoxious SOB. With all due respect, he is. He's obnoxious. Now if he gets the DNC Chair, Dean doesn't like me. Now, I'm willin' to listen to him. He's welcome on the program but I don't like him. Alright! And I'm skeptical of him and that's not good, Mary Anne, because I'm a guy with an open mind. I'm not anti-Democrat, as you know, but, if he gets it, I guuuh - ya' know - Howard Dean! That can't help! There's a lot - there's not a lot of guys like me. But there are enough, there are enough people, who are not gonna like this, that think a new, more neutral guy would help the party."

Later he said: "One thing I like about Dean is that he is crusty and he is straightforward. What I don't like about him is he is narrow-minded and vindictive."

Ellis Henican ended the segment by saying: "Don't let's make the mistake, Democrats, of deciding that the answer here is some kind of tepid, Bush-light, demi-Republican. If Democrats are gonna win, they gotta believe in somethin'. Otherwise, they won't convince anybody of anything. Add Howard does believe. Ya' gotta give him that!"


Amen to that, Ellis.

No more "go-along-to-get-along" (GAGA] Democrats. Feisty, opinionated, outspoken, committed, passionate Democrats - that's the ticket to the Congress in 2006 and the White House in 2008. Here's hoping the DNC is paying more attention to those of us out here in the real world than they are to the Washington insiders. Barbara Boxer - who is my Senator - finally started the ball rolling by signing the objection to the Ohio election and through her intense and agressive questioning of Condoleezza Rice yesterday. Let's have more in-your-face politics from the Democrats.

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