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Martin Luther King? Let Me Talk About George W Bush!

Reported by Nancy - January 18, 2005 -

Last night (1/17) on Special Report, Brit Hume & the "All Stars" were so busy bashing CBS & whining about "voting irregularities" in WA there was little time to mention important stories -- like the fact that it was Martin Luther King Day.

At 6:07pm, Hume read a teaser: "Bush speaks of freedom & a man he thinks embodies it." Following an ad break, at 6:10pm, Hume said that "Bush paid tribute today to" Colin Powell & Rev Martin Luther King to intro a report by Jim Angle, who said Bush praised the life of MLK (3 clips of Bush) & Powell got a "Legacy of the Dream" award (3 more clips of Bush).

With no sense of irony or shame, yet another Fox program reported (again) about "Memogate". At 6:13pm Hume said the "discredited CBS report" is now joined by criticism of CBS policy & procedure. Major Garrett then reported that a panel says CBS "didn't just get the story wrong once, it got it wrong over & over"; that CBS "intentionally broadcast info they knew was false" (clips of Rather's original broadcast) & more blather about a "massive crime against journalism."

At 6:16pm Hume read a teaser about the "election battle in WA." After an ad break, at 6:20pm, Hume showed a clip of Gov Gregoire, Hume interviewed Stefan Sharkansky ("sound politics" blog) who, according to Hume, revealed that there were 3000 more votes cast in King Country (Seattle) than registered voters. There was some bloviating about whether Dino Rossi (GOP) should be Gov. Sharkansky claimed there are "so many irregularities" -- dead people voting, people voting twice -- that "we just don't know who won." He said the Rossi campaign is following the legal process in seeking a brand new vote. [Comment: compare & contrast the amount of coverage Fox has given to "irregularities" in WA with "irregularities" in OH -- or anywhere else other than Ukraine.].

At 6:29pm Carol Iovanna read headlines, including: Bush spoke at ceremonies honoring Colin Powell & Dr MLKing;

At 6:38pm Hume read a teaser for the upcoming "All Stars" segment: "CBS news wants a fresh start with the White House ... how's that going so far?"

In the first half of the "All Stars" segment (6:41pm), following a clip from Saturday Night Live parodying Rather's on-air apology, the panel (Fred Barnes, Mort Kondracke & Charles Krauthammer) savaged CBS while ignoring the real, underlying story of Bush's alleged service in the TANG. Barnes said that "CBS didn't apologize for a fraudulent story" & that "they owe Bush an apology for trying to influence the election." He added that they "shouldn't have had a cover-up for 10 days," then opined that it was "now peculiar they put on Sen Kennedy on their Sunday show." Kondracke said "they could have been harder on Kennedy" & should have asked him questions like why "your friends" the "teachers unions are trying to undermine NCLB." Krauthammer agreed with Kondracke, saying that "no way can CBS have a fresh start" because the "slant of their news in general comes from the Upper West Side New York liberal culture, that's how they see the world." He said the problem is "they really haven't faced the facts about the report" which said there was no political bias (Hume interrupted to emphasize "no *proven* political bias") but the documents were "obviously a forgery." Kondracke said that "Face the Nation" is always "anti-corporate," calling it a "piling on the usual suspects from a left perspective" & claiming that they "rarely get a countervailing take on the subject." Hume then asked "What's the smart way for the White House to treat them?" giving "should they get interviews?" as an example. Kondracke generously said the "White House shouldn't punish them." Barnes chimed in that the White House shouldn't "cut off the nose to spite the face" but said that CBS "should answer some questions that weren't answered in the report."

General comment: It's not surprising that both shows I monitor -- FNL & Special Report -- largely ignored MLK Day, except as an opportunity to mention what Bush was doing. If they had actually wanted to impart information to viewers, they'd have to mention all kinds of unpleasant things, most notably King's anti-war message ("war is not the answer"), & his fight for civil rights (while ignoring the denial of minority voting rights in OH during the recent election & the administration's ongoing attacks on affirmative action). Would King support an attorney general who promotes the torture of prisoners? Would he see progress in an administration that is in the process of dismantling Social Security under the pretense of "saving" it? Perhaps the best outcome of MLK Day this year will be to remind us how far we really are from "the dream."