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John Gibson: No Regrets Allowed When It Comes to Iraq

Reported by Marie Therese - January 17, 2005

On last Friday's Big Story with John Gibson, Democratic strategist Mary Anne Marsh and former N.Y. Congressman Rick Lazio joined John Gibson for a FOX-style "fair and balanced" debate over the topic of the President's admission that he now regrets having said "Bring ‘em on" and "We're going to get Bin Laden, dead or alive." The problem? The words were easily interpreted as defiant and showing Presidential lack of concern for the dangers facing American troops overseas.

From the very start of this interview, Gibson did not disguise the fact that he is personally supportive of Bush's policies.

Gibson first posed the question to Lazio: "Do you think he (Saddam Hussein) was a threat to this country?" to which Lazio naturally responded by saying "yes absolutely." Lazio went on to compare the necessity of going to war in Iraq to Europe's effort in WWII to defeat Hitler. Gibson then posed the same question to Marsh:

GIBSON: "Do you think he (Saddam) was a threat to this country?"

MARSH: "No, he was a toothless tiger that was hiding in a little hole. There were NO weapons of mass destruction and that's why we went to war. And we still don't have Osama Bin Laden."

Gibson interrupted Marsh throughout her last response with an irritated and condescending tone, saying "You don't think those weapons are in Syria?" and the like, showing once against that FOX News is still in the business of fooling its viewers into believing that those pesky WMD's really were there before the war, only Saddam Hussein waved his magic wand and - poof! - they ended up in another country.

Lazio, who was in the studio with Gibson, smiled approvingly all during Gibson's counterattack on Marsh.


Marsh stated two clear FACTS in her response. FACT #1: Osama Bin Laden was the cause of 9/11 and still has not been captured under the Bush regime. FACT #2: The reason Americans were given by Bush as to why we HAD to go to war in Iraq was that Sadaam was harboring weapons of mass destruction, i.e. that a mushroom cloud was imminent. The final report released last week shows this to be FALSE.

These are FACTS. However, since the FOX News Channel does not want to report on FACTS that reflect harshly on the President, preferring to act as a PRO-BUSH sounding board, Gibson twisted these two irreputable FACTS into a muddled argument about whether or not Sadaam should still be in power, hinting all the while that Syria (who's on the neocon hit lis) actually has them. And what do you think the next step is? Why, of course, blame Syria, threaten Syria, attack Syria. Captain Queeg, ball bearings in hand, lashing out at his crew for stealing non-existant strawberries.

GIBSON: "Mary Anne, you're saying that Sadaam Hussein should still be in Iraq - should still be in charge? That the world would be a just and fair place if he were?"

MARSH: "I'm saying we should have never rushed to war (Gibson started talking over her again at this point) so ill-prepared to go get him and we might have found out…" (Gibson's so loudly and rudely interrupted her at this point that Marsh stopped – trying to recollect herself to finish her response)

GIBSON: "Yeah but that's what it means. That's what it means. You think it'd be better if he was there!"

MARSH: "…And had we waited we could have taken him (Sadaam) out much easier than what we ended up doing and look at how many people have been killed in the process."

Lazio interrupted at this point, chuckling, saying how he "used to remember a Democratic party that really cared about humanitarian concerns, really cared about the values of Democracy of making sure people weren't tortured…"

Ironic, isn't it? A Republican pointing that out, in light of the fact that his own Republican President has just nominated as Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, who supports torture tactics per his own August 2002 memo that said "physical coercion only amounted to torture if the subject experienced severe pain equivalent to that associated with death or organ failure."

Marsh responded to Lazio's put-down of the entire Democratic party by saying that " No one ever said they (the years Sadaam was in power) were good. But no one ever deserved this – especially the 1,000 American soldiers who've died and the tens of thousands who've been maimed for life."

Gibson ended the show with his "My Word" segment, basically recapping his own take on the regrets the President has on his choice of words…oh right! THAT's what the subject of the debate between Marsh and Lazio was SUPPOSED to be - NOT whether or not Sadaam Hussein was a bad man.

Here's a transcript of Gibson "My Word" segment. His words speak for themselves as to the biased viewpoint that permeates every interview/debate he participates in.

My Word (with commentary)- January 14, 2005

"Bush admitted to the press core that he might have made a mistake or two. Anybody who thinks such an admission was going to come while James Carwell and Joe Lockhart could still use it to get John Kerry elected was just OUT OF THEIR MINDS! Wasn't going to happen! Period! But now…well all that's over and Bush has admitted that he has regrets saying ‘Bring ‘em on' and ‘We're going to get Bin Laden, dead or alive.' President Bush admitted in this round table interview with several newspapers that he regretted saying that and he never intended the words to sound defiant and thoughtless about the dangers facing out troops. Ok, and then Democrat Nancy Pelosi jumped right on it saying – Ah-Hah! We knew he made a mistake. Now let's hear him admit EVERYTHING he's been doing in Iraq is wrong."

Let me interject a little ‘sense' into this discussion. I spend no small amount of time reading what the "Jihadis" have to say to each other on their websites. Anybody who thinks terrorists come to Iraq to kill Americans because George Bush said ‘Bring ‘em on' is literally OUT OF THEIR MINDS! Believe me, to the ‘Jihadis' it meant nothing."

[Comment: By his own admission in earlier broadcasts, Gibson reads translations of selected articles supplied by MEMRI.)

"The words of George Bush insulted our so-called friends - the Germans, the French the Brits, etc. who think Texans and people from there are markedly down the evolutionary ladder from their own lofty spot. I'm glad Bush has expressed some regret, but that's ENOUGH regret for me THANKS! That's my word."

Report submitted by Laura, edited by Marie Therese.

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