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Hannity and Sore Loser Republican Rossi

Reported by Deborah - January 14, 2005

Dino Rossi the Republican candidate in the Washington election for Governor is contesting the outcome of the race in court claiming voter fraud by the Democrats. Rossi's allegations were miniscule in comparison to the massive evidence found in Ohio and Florida in 2000 but Hannity was shocked and outraged. "Unbelievable!", he bellowed.Yes Hannity, your hypocrisy is most definitely unbelievable.

Hannity was horrified by the discovery that 24 dead people had voted; up to 200 more votes were counted than people registered;and a small number of provisional ballots were thrown into the regular voting machines without chaecking them adequately.Well at least the provisional ballots were counted in Washington unlike Ohio and Florida.

Rossi claimed that it's all about a simple premise that every vote should have a voter.Good logic that obviously alluded the Republicans when confronted with problems in Ohio that were far worse.

Pat Halpin, in for Colmes, reminded Rossi that a Republican certified the recount that gave the Democratic challenger a victory over Rossi.Halpin also mentioned a Republican campaign to recall the Republican Secretary of State who certified the election. Of course, Rossi knew absolutely nothing about that.

Let's compare the handling of this story to Hannity's reporting of the Ohio voter fraud.Every time Ohio was discussed there were cut throat FNC contributors on board to discredit and dismiss the allegations and the messengers like Jesse Jackson. Democrats were called sore losers and cry babies, especially Barbara Boxer who was ridiculed for standing up about Ohio.Hannity raved that there was no vote suppression and liberals were playing the race card.

comment:Well this shouldn't surprise anyone. How many times have we said that if tables were turned, Republicans would have a fit.Getting over it and moving forward are concepts for Democrats who let their elections be stolen.Many Republicans, however,don't care about how they look to others(except before an election)and they totally don't care about honor or uniting the country. Republicans care about winning and consider Democrat's concerns over honor and the collective good of the country a weakness to be exploited.

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