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Gibson to Fallujah: Sorry But We Had to Do It

Reported by Marie Therese - January 12, 2005

There are some days when I can hardly keep myself from throwing a coffee cup at John Gibson or Bill O'Reilly's image on my screen. Yesterday was one of those. It started off as a fairly run of the mill "Big Story" - a show filled with the requisite dollops of Democrats apologizing (Dan Gerstein) or falling all over themselves to agree with their Republican counterparts (Dennis DeConcini) or answering criminal charges (Sandy Berger) lightly spooned onto a frothy concoction of disasters and explosions in Iraq. It almost wasn't worth reporting on until Gibson began his daily rant which he calls "My Word." I had to forcibly restrain myself from hurling the coffee cup. I stopped, only because the TV screen is already pitted in four places - a permanent reminder of the glass I actually DID throw on Election eve. So, here it is. John Gibson. "My Word."

If I may, I'd like to draw together two sets of events that are occurring worlds apart.

First, we have the city of Fallujah.

Anybody who has been present on the planet the last year or so knows that Fallujah was a major nest of terrorists operating in Iraq. It was the headquarters of the terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and it was the place where he built bombs to attack American soldiers and beheaded Americans on video.

People also know the U.S. and Iraqi forces took the city back and in the process blew the hell out of the place. It turned out to be a showcase for the idea that you don't want your town taken over by terrorists because getting them out is way more destructive than even a tsunami. Still, Iraqis going home to Fallujah are gazing gape-mouthed at the destruction and blaming - not al-Zarqawi - but the Americans.

Now, let me couple that with groups of people here in this country that are planning to protest and boycott the inauguration of George W. Bush. One group is asking people to protest by not buying anything. They want you to call the cable company and cancel — same with the phone company — and especially don't buy from any company that supported Bush.

Other protestors plan to come to the inauguration and then turn their backs on Bush. And, in New Orleans another Bush-hating group plans to mark the inauguration with a New Orleans-style funeral march. These events are unrelated, except that they are joined by one fact: These are people who just don't get it. These are people for whom reality is a distant moon orbiting their strange little world.

To the people of Fallujah: Sorry we blew up your town, but we had to do it. You let Al-Zarqawi set up shop there. Did you think we were just going to let him be?

To the Bush-haters: You're going to look like that last Japanese soldier crawling out of a cave on Iwo Jima thirty years after the end of the war. The same way the world passed him by, it will pass you by, too.

That's My Word.

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