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A Sign From God, Punishing Liberals and Me, In Particular?

Reported by Ellen - January 11, 2005 -

How else to interpret the fact that, unbeknownst to me, my tape broke during the hour of Alan Colmes' radio show that I wanted to post about? There was an interesting discussion about CBS' Memogate firings and bias in the media in general. Colmes made the excellent point that conservatives who are demanding that the president of CBS News resign over Memogate should make the same demands of Donald Rumsfeld or George Bush over Abu Ghraib and the mess in Iraq. Isn't torture and a botched war more significant than a botched news report? I think so. And just when I was reflecting upon what a good guest Danny Schechter was - what a refreshing change from the usual wimpy Democrats of which FOX seems to have an endless supply - suddenly Alan and a caller were talking about us, the News Hounds.

The reason I was daydreaming about FOX's wimpy Democrats in the first place was because Marie Therese wrote not long ago in a hilarious post that "I swear FOX has a secret lab hidden in the bowels of its New York HQ where a team of mad scientists hatch thousands of these nice, polite, bland Democrats." The reason I was thinking of Marie Therese instead of listening to the radio was because I was trying to add some new categories to our website for her and I was having problems with our software.

So here are the parts I caught. If anyone out there (Dee?) heard the whole thing, I hope you'll fill me in. Alan said he enjoys reading the site (Thank you, Alan!) but that sometimes we see a FOX agenda under every rock. (Fair enough, I suppose) He also mentioned that we even claim to find it on his show (yes, I do) including saying that his producers are biased (also true, although I did post an update to reflect Alan's opposing view right after he emailed it to me). My overall comment: Cool! As Melanie said, after I emailed her about this incident, it's moments like this that make our work rewarding and fun.

Believe it or not, this is the second time I have missed Colmes' comments about us. The last time, he was interviewing "our" Charles and I had to stop listening in order to put gas in my car. So this must be a punishment from God. Either that, or it's a sign I should be paying more attention - and not let my gas tank get so low.