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FOX News Watch: More French Bashing by Fox

Reported by Marie Therese - January 10, 2005

FOX News Watch is a weekly show devoted to discussion and anlysis of media bias. In the show that aired Saturday, January 8, 2005, host Eric Burns reported on the Tsunami disaster from the point of view of how the media around the world are covering it. Naturally the first and foremost comment made was about whether or not overseas media is making an issue of the comment made by Jan Egeland, a member of the United Nations, about the US being "stingy" with it's initial $15 million pledge for relief efforts which has since risen to $350 million.

Panelist Jim Pinkerton from Newsday says that he visited four countries, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and England. Here were his remarks:

PINKERTON: "All across the European Union there was the sense that here's how we, the Europeans, will prove our moral superiority to the Americans by being more generous. If you want a flavor for the overall - this is (holding up a book with French writing on it) '50 good reasons to hate America.' This is a big seller at the bookstores in Paris."

Blatant anti-France propaganda, as you would expect to find on FOX. No counter or discussion to this dig at France from any of the three other panelists (Jane Hall of American University, syndicated columnist Cal Thomas, media writer Neal Gabler) or the host.

They briefly covered the story of Armstrong Williams, the conservative commentator who was found to have been paid $240,000 by the White House to promote favorably the No Child Left Behind Program on his syndicated TV show, and for doing a series of interviews with Education Secretary Rod Paige on TV and radio.

Eric Burns and all the other panelists agreed that this was deplorable, while also jokingly remarking that they wouldn't mind getting some moola too. Twice, from two different panelists, the comment was made that Williams should be fired. However, no really harsh observations were made against the White House for their part in initiating this bribe to Williams.

The final topic of discussion was "GORE TV" - they spoke about Gore's new network, "Indy TV," which will premiere two new shows this year - "That's F*&#ed Up" and "Citizen Reporter."

Burns outright deemed the first show nothing more than a "show for ranters." The 2nd show was explained to be a sort of video blog where citizens get on the air and do their own reports. Panelist Jim Pinkerton immediately put down Gore, labeling him "most famous for losing an election he should have won" and saying that he should not be the person to head up a network of this kind. Eric Burns, chimed in with the jibe "Bore rhymes with Gore." The bias against Gore was pretty evident all around.

Report submitted by Laura..

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