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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA): We Got What We Wanted

Reported by Marie Therese - January 6, 2005

Yet another California Democrat appeared on Big Story with John Gibson. Unlike the usual run of "warm beer" Democrats that haunt the halls of FOX News, this fiery woman don't take nothin' from nobody! Her name is Maxine Waters and she was interviewed by substitute host Judge Andrew Napolitano along with her colleague Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL). The topic, of course, was the Democratic challenge to the Electoral College vote from the State of Ohio led by two women, Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-OH) and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA).

DIAZ-BALART: Everybody in the world has accepted it [the fact that Bush won] except for a small group of RADICALS [his emphasis] in the Congress and a couple of anti-American activists around the country, such as Michael Moore who said the American people are dumb. Those are the people that don't want to accept the reality. Now, let me tell you what the problem is ‘cause this wouldn't be that bad except for the fact that the only thing it does is to undermine the credibility, the legitimacy, of the President of the United States, of the Commander-in-Chief while our troops are in harm's way...This is not a laughing matter. This is a very serious affront to the institutions of democracy. So when Congressman Delay said that this was not a laughing matter he was absolutely right.

NAPOLITANO: How about it, Congresswoman Walters? You just heard - Waters, excuse me - you just ...

WATERS: My name is Waters.

NAPOLITANO: I'm sorry.


NAPOLITANO: He says that you and your colleagues are attempting to undermine the legitimacy of President Bush. Congressman Delay says its an assault on our institutions and a threat to our ideals. What do you say about that?

WATERS: Oh, I think that kind of language is less than any member of Congress should want to use. They have no credibility when they go over the top with that kind of radical language. What they are trying to do is fire up people to think that somehow there are no problems in our voting. I don't care where you are in the United States of America. You want your vote to count.

Judge Napolitano went on to enumerate the bipartisan recount that took place in Ohio which was controlled by equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans. All 88 counties were recounted and there was no protest from either side.

NAPOLITANO:... Do you think it's worth making a big deal and delaying the President's reelection over this?

WATERS: You missed the whole point. Would you like to stand in line for ten hours in order to vote? Would you like to have your vote discarded? Would you not like to be able to cast an absentee ballot? Would you not like to have a provisional voting system? I don't know why some of you who claim to care about democracy don't understand that the vote is the underpinning of a democracy...

NAPOLITANO (trying to cut her off): Congressman Balart ..

WATERS: ... and we ought to be concerned about it...

NAPOLITANO: Congressman Balart, there are two guys ...

BALART: Yes, Judge.

NAPOLITANO: Congressman Balart, there were two guys on a statewide ballot who were both Democrats in the Senate - John Kerry and John Edwards. Did THEY [his emphasis] join in today's protest? [COMMENT: In music there is an Italian term - stretto - that is used to describe a passage the moves forward quickly, with a sense tight urgency rather like a rubber band being pulled. That describes Napolitano's intensity here. He hasn't lost all of his trial lawyer skills, it seems.]

BALART: They did not. It's very interesting. You know the Congresswoman talked about credibility. Let's look at that. Let's look at how much her own colleagues thought this was a credible effort. There's 435 members of the House and - what? Only 30 - less than 30 - voted for this measure. That speaks [intensely like an actor's stage whisper, stretching the word] volumes for credibility.

WATERS (interrupts): OK. That doesn't mean...

BALART: Those are the facts ...

WATERS: That doesn't ...

BALART: Excuse me Congresswoman. Speaking!

WATERS: That doesn't mean anything ...

BALARY: Well, I guess if she says it, she wants the votes counted, but she doesn't want the votes counted for credibility's sake on the House floor ...

NAPOLITANO: If you had your way, Congresswoman Waters, what would you have had happen today?

WATERS: Oh, we had what we wanted [to] happen. I'm talkin' to you on national television about a debate that took place in Congress about making every vote count. I have what I want.

NAPOLITANO: You didn't really ..

WATERS: I have created a forum. I've created the opportunity for a debate. All of those members who joined in have radio stations and television stations all over the country talking about how we can make people's vote count. How we can have ...

NAPOLITANO (overtalks, interrupts): Didn't the leadership of your own party try and talk you out of this?

WATERS: No. Absolutely not. I don't know where you got that from. Nancy Pelosi, who is our leader, the minority leader of the House, spoke to this issue.


WATERS: Did you see her?

NAPOLITANO: ... and voted against it, by the way.


I noticed throughout the day little asides about the "delay" in the vote for something that was inevitable with an emphasis on the fact that the vote wasn't certified until late afternoon. Call it woman's intuition, but it wouldn't surprise me if FOX had worked out a Presidential photo op to coincide with the end of the vote certification. If so, they would have been really miffed when a few Democrats led by a couple of uppity dames ruined it.

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