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Fox News to Barbara Boxer: "How Ridiculous is This?"

Reported by Melanie - January 6, 2005

Poor Neil Cavuto. He tries so hard to make his show (Your World w/Neil Cavuto) look like a business show. Today (January 6, 2005) his attempt to tie the stock market to Barbara Boxer's and Stephanie Tubbs Jones' challenge to the Ohio electoral vote fell flat on its face but Cavuto and Fox employee Brenda Buttner succeeded in getting the Fox message out anyway.

After showing a clip of Barbara Boxer saying: "This is not about Senator Kerry or President Bush. It's about election irregularities and the fact that we are sort of saying today this is a wake-up call for the House and Senate," Cavuto opened with:

"Well, it wasn't much of a wake-up call because it's not likely to overturn the Presidential election but it's already dragging out the nastiness. California Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer formally objecting to the Electoral College results. Enough to force a rare recess and debate on the issue but again, it was a moot point. Most say nothing ultimately comes of it but will this rattle investors? Now, it did not today, but will it tomorrow if this bad blood continues?"

Evidently Fox's bookers didn't warn the guests that they'd be asked to comment on this "only on Fox" sort of senario because the segment didn't appear to go as planned.

Cavuto first turned to guest Kari Pinkernell of Merrill Lynch who said that she "didn't think that that has major implications on the stock market."

Next came Buttner who delivered the message that I'd bet the segment was created to send: "Well, Neil, I mean, allow me to drip with sarcasm for a moment because you know, Barbara Boxer is really doing the right thing. I mean, Congress doesn't have much to deal with. There's only the deficit, Social Security, a war in Iraq. I mean, how ridiculous is this? What sore losers basically to grandstand and take this kind of attention away from the real problems that our country faces."

Leigh Gallagher of SmartMoney said "I think that this really doesn't have much of a link to Wall Street."

Cavuto again tried to stir things up when he told guest Charles Payne of Wall Street Strategies that his "crack theory" was "this notion that Wall Street hates any, either party, making in-roads or progress on some big programs, government spending, what have you, and that this stops that in its tracks, all the better?" (I know. It doesn't make any sense to me either.)

Payne said that a lot of things are coming up like Social Security reform "which Wall Street would love to see," but which won't get done without bi-partisan cooperation "but Boxer she's so far off the map that I, again, I'm kind of disagreeing with you a little bit, I tried to make a link." Cavuto interrupted: "We knew this was a scary segment." Payne continued on, talking for a few more seconds about the "very scary" job fears.

COMMENT: Never mind that the "greatest democracy on the planet" might not be a democracy after all. Three guests, two Fox News employees. The two people who should have been objective, the employees of the news organization, alleged journalists, were the ones to slap Democrats in the face with Fox's ever present American flag.

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