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"Democrats Ought to Fight Like Hell" Against Gonzales Nomination

Reported by Ellen - January 6, 2005

Those were the words Alan Colmes used last night as he devoted the majority of his three-hour FOX radio show to why Alberto Gonzales should not be confirmed as US Attorney General.

Among other reasons, Colmes cited Gonzales' role in the preparation of the now-famous "torture" memos which essentially endorsed torture of Taliban and Al Qaeda prisoners and which called the Geneva Convention provisions that outlawed harsh questioning of prisoners "quaint." Also discussed was Gonzales' bungled vetting of the Bernard Kerik nomination (Thank you, Alan!) and a few choice examples of his work in Texas. According to Colmes, Gonzales got Bush out of jury duty by arguing that he might have to pardon prisoners. Perhaps more important than the inconvenience of doing his civic duty, Bush may have avoided any embarrassing questions about his arrest record.

"He is a disaster waiting to happen," Colmes said, noting that besides the immorality of Gonzales' position, he endangered our troops. Our soldiers are more vulnerable to torture and mistreatment as the result of our own brutality and abrogation of our treaty commitments. "He might make John Ashcroft look like the Welcome Wagon lady," Colmes added. At that point, the audience was serenaded with Ashcroft's rendition of "Let The Eagle Soar," a perfect candidate for use as a sleep deprivation tool in Guantanamo Bay. Who wouldn't give up their mother for the sake of not having to listen to that?

"It should be war on this guy," Colmes said, in a statement I could not agree with more. So where are the Democrats? Quietly calculating what they stand to gain vs. lose by taking a strong stand? Come on, Gentle Men and Ladies, if they can say it on FOX News, surely you can say it in the Senate.

Write your senators. You can find their contact info at www.senate.gov

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