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Christmas Is Over But O'Reilly Is Still The Grinch

Reported by Ellen - January 4, 2005

Last night, Bill O'Reilly began his Talking Points segment by wishing everyone good health and prosperity in the new year. Then he immediately started taking jabs at those who disagree with him.

O'Reilly started by mentioning that the big stories for 2005 will be the wars - the war in Iraq and the "culture war" here. Apparently, the war on terror and the war in Afghanistan don't count for much in Bill's estimation. So just what is this "culture war?" When was it declared and by whom? I suspect that in O'Reilly's mind, war was declared by the "elitist left," even if they didn't know they had done so (I didn't).

O'Reilly's opening salvo was, "Americans are the good guys in Iraq. And there's no other honest way to see it." OK, those of us who disagree with what the US is doing in Iraq think Americans are bad guys, says O'Reilly, and we are not honest, to boot.

Next, O'Reilly declared himself to be the victim and savior, both. "Unfortunately, I, your humble correspondent, am target number one in the media for the progressives. For example, we took on the Christmas controversy and won big, further infuriating them."

Took on the Christmas controversy? He manufactured the Christmas controversy! Instead of working to promote peace and harmony during the holiday season, he engendered division, intolerance and anger. What, exactly, did he win? A court decision?

O'Reilly then gave us a glimpse of his Grinchean sense of humor: "I was also amused at the full-page newspaper ads blaring after-Christmas sales. So let me get this straight.—Federated Department stores didn't want to use the term 'Merry Christmas' before the holiday, but has no problem screaming after-Christmas sale after the holiday. Do I have that right?"

You probably do, Big O, but I ask you, what difference does that make? Are we here to enjoy Christmas or to argue and complain about others' views of the holiday? Apparently, it's the latter.

O'Reilly then carped that the Boston Globe took two quotations from him out of context, He added, "That aggressively secular newspaper will do that all day long." I think that might be a tad exaggerated, Mr. O'Spiritual. And, by the way, I wonder how often you actually go to church, read your scripture and abide by it. Or have the "secularists" prevented you from doing that too?

Finally, O'Reilly said the progressive movement has "big money behind them" (as if his side doesn't) and (my favorite quote) "vicious web sites" to help in this "very intense culture war."

Just in case he was thinking of us as one of those "vicious web sites," maybe we should all send him some loofahs as a token of our good will. Heck, maybe we could even find one with a picture of saint on it.

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