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When Reading Revelations Isn't Enough

Reported by Deborah - January 2, 2005

On Heartland last night, John Kasich made two glaring snubs of environmental problems that need our attention.One issue that should be a huge story on Fox, and every network, is the weather extremes caused by global warming and another is the pollution that's making us sick.John Kasich went out of his way last night to avoid responsible journalism.1/1/05

Mark Coatney, Time Magazine, joined Kasich to discuss the top 10 stories of 2004. Kasich mentioned the hurricaines acknowledging that these weather changes are going to be around permanently adding that he plans to read The Book of Revelations about this situation. There was no mention of global warming from Kasich or Coatney and certainly no mention of the crisis alerts from everywhere including our Pentagon.

Then later in the show there was a segment about autism in children mentioning that there are 450,000 cases now in this country. The guests were an autism specialist and a mother of an autistic child.
Kasich was quite interested in the issue so why didn't he ask, why there is such an increase of autism in this country. Instead he asked if more money could fix the problem, hinting that lawmakers lack sensitivity to the problem. Although true, there is the major issue of how pollutants are a major cause of this epidemic.

Comment:As a teacher of children with autism, I was once again disgusted by this reactionary and destructive attitude. Mercury has been shown to be a suspected link to this frightening epidemic of developmental problems. Besides the mercury preservative in immunizations, the mercury pollution in fish and air is a proven cause of brain damage.Is protecting an administration that puts business before children more important than confronting this problem so it can be eradicated?

The fact that Fox still maintains that global warming is some whacko
left wing myth is criminal. Mike Gallagher ridiculed a guest for bringing it up last week and Fox routinely ignores this problem at everyones peril.I have no problem with Kasich reading The Book of Revelations but how about some science too now that it's 2005.

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