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Newshound Stats for December

Reported by Nancy - January 1, 2005 -

Last month, our stats continued to dip, but they seem to have stabilized even with an expected holiday lull. For your interest, here are selected blog stats for December & the previous 2 months. It will be interesting to see what the New Year brings.

Unique visitors
Oct - 98603
Nov - 64742
Dec - 49953

Number of visits
Oct - 206737
Nov - 144831
Dec - 117093

Oct - 683971
Nov - 428555
Dec - 488969

Oct - 1409035
Nov - 860004
Dec - 801927

I want to take a minute to thank the readers of this blog. Your feedback, in the form of the comments you post, has been extraordinarily helpful to me. It is, of course, impossible to read or watch everything from every possible source. The links you have posted have sometimes pointed me to sources I wasn't aware of. There has been more than one occasion when a comment alerted me to an issue that we needed to address.

The more I watch Fox, the stupider I feel & the less time I have to devote to getting real information. Your comments & suggestions are an invaluable reminder to me that there *is* responsible media out there, it's sometimes just hard to find. Even sources I don't find immediately useful may some day come in handy. Likewise, it's nice to be reminded that Fox is hardly the only offender in this area -- although, IMO, it's certainly the most egregious.

So, thank you, Happy New Year, & keep commenting!