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US Stinginess in "Real Dollars"

Reported by Ellen - December 30, 2004

Last night, on FOX News Live with Alan Colmes (a radio program), FOX News reporter Megyn Kendall was on hand to discuss the latest developments in the US response (or lack thereof) to the tsunami disaster. Kendall acknowledged many of Colmes' criticisms of Bush - his lack of a public response for 72 hours, his upping of aid amounts only after coming under criticism and the comparatively small amount still being offered. But, as is usual on FOX, she had on hand several Bush talking points to mitigate the criticism.

In case we hadn't looked into his heart and seen how good a person Bush is, Kendall noted up front that Bush first offered his condolences to those who had suffered in the tragedy, then "rallied Americans to make donations," albeit to non-government organizations. Did Bush start off the "rally" by offering any personal donations of his own? Since none was mentioned, I can only assume not.

With regard to the "backpedalling," as Colmes put it, that caused Bush to increase the US aid amount, Kendall agreed that the US "jacked up" its dollars, then quickly added "as have other countries."

Later, Colmes cited statistics from the Washington Post showing that the US gives a smaller percentage of our Gross Domestic Product than many other nations. Kendall said, "It boils down the question of how do you measure generosity. Is it a percentage of the economy or the gross domestic product or is it just in real dollars because if you do it by the economy, we only give 1%, but if you do it in real dollars (implying that this is the true statistic), it's 40% of everyone else in the world."

In the FOX spirit of fairness and balance, here a few other "real dollar" figures that might be worth considering.

US Aid promised for tsunami disaster relief - $35 million
Cost of Iraq war per day (as per 12/30/04 Democracy Now) - $228 million
Cost of Bush's inauguration celebration - $40 million plus
(private donations)

Comment: Why doesn't Bush rally his rich pals to donate some of that inauguration money to the disaster relief effort? I should think all those "moral values" donors would be falling all over themselves at the opportunity to help relieve human suffering instead of just dressing up for the occasion.

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