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Thousands Dead? FOX's Only Concern Is Defending George Bush

Reported by Marie Therese - December 30, 2004

Yesterday on Big Story with John Gibson, former Governor Frank Keating (R-OK) and Democratic strategist Paul Maslin discussed the President's apparent slowness in responding to the Indonesian crisis. Maslin turned out to be another in a steady stream of Casper Milquetoast Democrats, whose idea of opposition is to praise your opponent. Gibson, true to form, was vitriolic.

For example, when quizzed by Gibson about Bush's late offer of aid, Maslin said: "...Listen, I'm gonna be the first to applaud what the President just did and the commitment that he apparently has made for the American people and the American government to give and to spearhead efforts to provide relief, and I'm sure they will..." Only after effusively praising Bush does he venture to go on and say "Of course, we wish the President had moved a little quicker..."

Never one to miss an opportunity to say bad things about the Europeans, GIbson fumed "I'm absolutely perplexed about this ... the second sub-head of the Times of London today was ‘77,000 dead - Bush and Blair finally speak up.' What is a President to do? Step out in front and say 'We feel your pain' or get busy and organize people behind the scenes to send aid?" Ex-Gov. Keating replied that "The tallest tree always takes the wind and George Bush is the tallest tree" and went on to defend Bush vigorously. Gibson puffed himself up in his best demagogic style and expostulated that "you would think the American people were the biggest criminals on the face of the earth, the way people responded...".

Democrat Maslin jumped right in, again hedging him comments with bi-partisanship: "I will say this, John, and again, not trying to be too partisan, because this is the kind of event that should bring us all together in the world, but not just in South Asia, but the entire world, we're all affected by it in some way."

Seeing his opening, an angry Gibson took it, interrupted Maslin: "Paul I'm glad you said that because that's what this is, isn't it? It is lingering resentment over Iraq transferred to a natural disaster for which there is no one to blame but ‘We're not done pummelling George Bush.'" When Maslin suggested that no one was pummelling the President, Gibson got absolutely fierce and shot back: "You don't think that Norwegian was shanling [? ] when he said the US was being stingy and the US taxpayers were being, were being cheap because they don't want to pay more taxes?" Maslin responded: "John, forget that comment because we've been anything but stingy in this country, but this is a chance for the President - take off my partisan hat - a chance for him and an opportunity to lead not just with military might and to show the rest of the world the other side of America that we all know exists, that has been lost in the last couple of years whether you agree or disagree with his policies, the fact is most of the rest of the world doesn't like us much anymore."

GIBSON: "I think this is absurd! With all of this stuff going on, with somewhere around 100,000 people dead, trying to find bodies, trying to dig out this part of the world, trying to give them potable water, trying to give them sewage systems and get all that going, what is the world response? That George Bush once again hasn't met our standards. Doesn't this make you just wanna roll your eyes?"

KEATING: "Yeah, I've rolled ‘em and I'm sure , John, you and Paul are rolling them as well, because as an American whether you agree or disagree with Iraq, the President is our President, he is leading the country in helping the world face the results here of this agonizing disaster. And, I think he's doing it right. Remember, in the humanitarian aid department, we provide 40% of the humanitarian aid provided by all the countries of the world and that doesn't include private philanthropy, which is on the way now. So, yeah, I think it was mean-spirited and silly and I think it will be forgotten in 24 hours."


Well, it's 24 hours later. My TV is tuned to FOX. Contrary to Frank Keating's prediction, the same topic is being discussed at length as I write these words.

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