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Reported by Deborah - December 29, 2004

There is now an official website for The Passion movement.
Patrick Hynes visited H&C whining about Hollywood's big snub and Tom O'Neil was once again obliged to say the same things about the movie. Maybe it's time to just get it all out into the open.12/28/04

Hopefully, O'Neil is doing it for the money but by last night, he seemed slightly annoyed with the entire matter.O'Neil and Colmes just came right out and told Hynes that it was a really bad movie.Hynes, obviously committed to being a martyr,was forced to admit that some people might think it was a bad film but they were wrong.

Comment:This Passion issue has been floating around Fox for a year and frankly, I'm sick of it because it's so redundant and meaningless.I'm also tired of everyone dancing around the reality of the situation. Here are the facts as I see them.

If The Passion were not about Jesus, it would have been considered an interesting film which almost made it, but just missed.It was not great except for the lighting and some camera work.

The movie teaches us nothing about Jesus. I am inspired by his teachings and not his profound suffering. There was too much emphasis on pain and brutality which I do not find spiritually uplifting.My Husband found it extremely moving making him " ache for Jesus and really hate the Jews." My Husband is Jewish.

No matter how you cut it, the Jews looked mean, heartless and bloodthirsty. Everyone else including the Romans were portrayed with good and bad personalities. The fact that Mel Gibson's Father is a proud anti-semite does not help me feel better about Gibson's intentions. Yes there are many Jewish people in Hollywood that found this offensive and I don't blame them. This does not make them anti-christian.Also all the people who claim that the Jews were portrayed fairly are not Jewish and are less sensitive to the ugly stereotypes.

I applaud Gibson for making this film because he found a way to beautifully express his message. That is his right and I understand that many people were inspired and renewed from their experience watching it. Everyone needs to understand, however, that an equal amount of people were angered and hurt by this movie and that has nothing to do with their feelings about Christianity. Their pain is a gut reaction to being a minority who thought all the ugliness and hate had ended until Gibson's film came along making them feel vulnerable and betrayed.

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