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Billions For Guns, Millions For Butter

Reported by Ellen - December 29, 2004

That was the phrase Alan Colmes used last night during the first hour of his radio program, FOX News Live with Alan Colmes. Alan was in a feisty mood last night and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him lambaste the stingy tightwads who are always willing to cough up money for war, yet begrudge a fraction of the cost of one bomber for humanitarian relief.

"Yes!" I said aloud to my computer (I was home alone at the time) when Colmes told off guest Steve Malzberg for using his criticisms of the UN as part of a larger agenda for getting rid of it entirely.

I was also full of sympathy and concern for the state of our country when Colmes read aloud an email he received from "Joe in Spokane" that said, "I wish FOX would fire you. You're a full blood Communist... I have heard friends who have fought in Viet Nam say they would love to see you in Iraq in the front line... God's judgment you will not escape, you little punk... I swear, Alan, if this country is invaded by outside forces, I pray that Jesus will send the worst people towards you and your crazy no-good Socialist Democrats."

"That's the Christian thing to do," Colmes said sarcastically. "Pray to Jesus to send people to get the Democrats. Isn't that following the teachings of Jesus Christ in this holiday season?"

"Exactly!" I thought, ready to forgive Colmes for all those false-alarm "They're taking the Christmas out of Christmas" stories he did over the past few weeks. I was even ready to forget that he went along with Malzberg's assumption that the reason Sri Lanka or Indonesia (I'm sorry, I forgot which one) turned down aid from Israel is because they don't like Jews rather than considering the quite likely possibility that it's Israel's policies that are so unacceptable. Nobody's perfect and who among us hasn't overlooked something important in the heat of an argument?

Then came the second hour. It was so different, I feel it needs a separate post.

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