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Bill O'Reilly Exposes Coulter's Nonsense

Reported by Ellen - December 28, 2004 -

For those of you who think I have nothing good to say about Bill O'Reilly, listen up. I was ready to applaud him last night during a rerun of a segment, previously unseen by me, with him and Ann Coulter about demonizing political opponents. Of course, the only demonizing under discussion was done by the left against the right.

O'Reilly started out the interview with a good question for Coulter. "Is there a difference between what you do and the attacks on Clarence Thomas and Condoleezza Rice?"

Not surprisingly, Coulter thought there was, and she had some idiotic reasoning to "prove" it.

"Liberals always find black conservatives incompetent," Coulter asserted with her usual mean-spirited smile. Apparently, she forgot about Colin Powell, whom I have yet to hear referred to as imcompetent by liberals, but why spoil a telegenic theory with an unflattering fact? Instead, she went on to say that liberals don't call white conservatives incompetent. One of her examples was Donald Rumsfeld, "the evil genius." I have never heard Rumsfeld referred to in those terms but, assuming she is correct (a big assumption when it comes to Coulter), it's quite remarkable how she has conveniently overlooked all the criticism of Rumsfeld, much of it criticizng his competence (over armor for the troops, not securing munitions, disbanding the Iraqi army, etc.). O'Reilly said skeptically that he thought the criticisms against Thomas and Rice had more to do with policy differences than racism.

But Coulter had some more hypocritical and contradictory venom to spew. Condi Rice "is far more qualified than the last two Secretaries of State." (Who's calling African-American Powell incompetent now?) Coulter continued, "How about Madeleine Albright? All she talked about were her brooches."

O'Reilly interrupted impatiently. "Oh, come on," he said. "She's a smart woman."

Coulter, on a roll now, went on to make her most self-incriminating statement yet. "She (Albright) got us into a pre-emptive attack solely for purposes of regime change based on misinformation."

Was that Albright only, not Condoleezza Rice, that Coulter was blaming for those kinds of missteps? Even by Coulter standards, that last statement was a whopper. Well, what's a little consistency and logic when you have a name to keep in the spotlight, books to sell, and provocative smiles to throw at every man within hair-tossing distance?

Memo to O'Reilly: I promise to cut out the loofah jokes if you will just once shout at Ann Coulter to just shut up.