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Linda Vester Festers

Reported by Melanie - December 25, 2004 -

At 8:00 p.m. ET on Christmas night (December 25, 2004), Fox News aired an hour-long "special" called "A Christmas Tribute to the Troops." Linda Vester, the host of Fox News' weekday program, Dayside w/Linda Vester, played a major role in the "special."

Obviously, there's absolutely nothing wrong with honoring our troops. As a matter of fact, I'm all for it. I think they're in dire need of not only a lot of honor but a lot of honesty from the Bush administration, a lot of respect for fighting in a war of choice (not of necessity), a lot of armor and a lot of support after they come home. The point of this post is not to disparage honoring our troops, but to talk about Linda Vester's involvement in the "special."

On the December 3, 2004 Dayside w/Linda Vester program, Lt. General "Buster" Hagenbeck, the US Army's Personnel Chief, hung a metal around Vester's neck and proclaimed:

"About two years ago Linda was submitted for recognition in The Infantry Society, the St. Maurice Society ah, recognized her. She was awarded this [Hagenbeck held a large circular medallion hanging from a wide yellow ribbon] but not formally presented this. She's done extraordinary things for our army and in particular, for our soldiers and infantrymen, and since I was going to be down here in the New York area I asked if I could come by to personally and formally present this to you and thank you for all the things that you've done for our army and in particular our infantrymen."

On December 13, 2004, I noted a heavy military emphasis on that day's Dayside w/Linda Vester in Is It Military TV or Tabloid TV?

COMMENT: Linda Vester has a degree in journalism and seems to think of herself as a journalist. She hosts an hour-long weekday show on a channel which claims to be the "fair and balanced news" channel. The job of a journalist (and a "fair and balanced news" channel) is to report facts and information, and to diligently avoid taking sides. However, it looks like Vester is becoming a voice for the United States military. She appears to have forgotten her training, and her duty to be impartial. If Vester hopes to be thought of as a journalist, it seems to me she's got some work to do.