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Whiners Unite!

Reported by Nancy - December 21, 2004 -

FNL this morning (12/21) kept up the whining victim pose about "Christmas under attack", even when the guest was more positive about the topic. There were two good examples of FNL's ongoing biased coverage of this non-issue. Of course this kind of reporting allows this self-described "hard news" program to ignore some tough real issues -- Bush's Social Security scam, the weakening dollar & the national deficit, the crisis in Congo, yet more allegations of prisoner abuse by US troops in Iraq (after the Abu Ghraib scandal broke), the release after 4 months' capitivity of 2 French hostages in Iraq ...

At 11:23am (all times ET), saying that Denver kept "overt" religious symbols out of a parade, Brigitte Quinn interviewed George Morrison (pastor of Faith Bible Chapel). Quinn noted that the Denver Downtown Partnership, sponsor of the parade, declined FNL's invitation to participate in this interview. Morrison said "we've made progress, next year there will be changes." Quinn read a quote from the president of Denv downtown partnership re trying not to exclude anyone. Morrison said it's "impossible to include everyone", there are "only certain holidays you can celebrate", we should "focus on tradition". Quinn asked "is it more of a problem this year? Morrison said this has been "a festering problem" for a while, the "silent majority" finally woke up, people are responding in a very passonate way because they feel "hurt", "wounded" & "offended". When Quinn thanked Morrison for the interview, he thanked the Denver Partnership for "agreeing with us".

At 11:22am, Quinn read a brief blurb about a woman in Bay Harbor Island FL who won a suit to get a Nativity scene displayed next to a menorah. [comment: Have you ever noticed that when FNL "reports" stories like the second one above they never bash the "activist judges" who decide the cases or the "trial lawyers" who pursue them?]

In other "hard news", at 11:53am, saying this was about a "Gulf War vet turned sex symbol", Quinn interviewed Delisa Stiles, winner of Fox's "The Swan". [comment: a triple whammy, hitting the corn-&-porn belt, the sleaze factor, & self-promotion in one fell swoop!]

Following multiple teasers in David Asman's best tabloid voice ("should schoolkids be used to push their teacher's political agenda?", demonstration for environmentalism "actually used kids to make their point!", "should environmentalists be using second-graders to make political points?"), at 12:33pm, Rick Leventhal did a "fair & balanced report" on the Rainforest Action Network, saying "some say" the group is exploiting kids. He noted that a "busload of kids from CT" lined up in front of JPMorgan Chase to ask for support to help save the rain forest & showed a clip of their teacher explaining [comment: poorly] that this was a field trip related to what they're studying in class. Leventhal said their classroom lessons "may be shaped" by RAN's "agenda" & "critics say" RAN is "manipulating children in the worst way" with a clip calling them "brainwashed". [comment: at least Leventhal didn't use one of FNL's favorite words, "ecoterrorists" to describe these kids]