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Still Going With God

Reported by Ellen - December 17, 2004

The second hour of last night's FOX News Live with Alan Colmes, a radio show, continued the FOX "God is being threatened" theme with a segment on the recall election of a town councillor who doesn't want to say the Pledge of Allegiance because of its reference to God. There was the predictable yelling argument between Colmes and a conservative caller. Despite all that and despite the fact that Colmes talked about how charming George Bush was at the White House Christmas party, it was a pretty good show.

The first hour was devoted to a discussion of Bernard Kerik. His less-than-upstanding morals were an open secret in NYC but somehow Bush Administration vetter Alberto Gonzales did not figure it out. It's not exactly a testament to the suitability (in case approving torture is not bad enough) and competence of the man nominated to be our next Attorney General. If he can't figure out what everyone else already knew, how is he supposed to uncover terrorists and their secret plots?

Alan and his two guests discussed and debated the embarrassment to the White House as the lurid details about Kerik keep coming out. According to The New York Times (free with registration), these details include "an undisclosed marriage, clandestine love affairs, unsavory business ties and unreported gifts." The latest is that the illegal-alien nanny over whom Kerik supposedly withdrew his name may not exist. My favorite moment was when Colmes played "Love Shack" and dedicated it to "Kerik and his various mistresses."

Next came the recall election segment which was distinguished from the usual "The Liberals Are Stealing God" theme by the fact that the councillor was rather sympathetic and the segment came across (at least to me) as "The Conservatives Are Trying To Steal Elections and Freedom of Belief" instead.

For those who feel that it wouldn't be FOX without Christmas, never fear. The final segment (not including Radio Grafitti, which closes every show) was the second installment of "What's the Worst Christmas Song of All Time?" I don't usually comment on the non-news parts of Colmes' shows because they are not germaine to our "News Hounds Mission" but I have to say that this one really cracked me up. I don't like listening to Christmas music even when it's done well but these segments dug up a collection so hilariously awful that I might change my, er, tune.

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