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Whine Christmas

Reported by Ellen - December 16, 2004 -

I've been out of town for several days but it looks as though nothing has changed on FOX while I was gone. The "morals voters" at FOX are still whining about Christmas being under attack and ignoring the problems of our soldiers who really are.

I turned on the TV when I got home and found Sean Hannity still bravely defending Christmas from the politically correct liberals whose only goal is to take all the fun, morality and religion out of his holiday. Soon it was time for Alan Colmes' radio show and the first topic was "Does the Democratic Party target religion for political gain?" Sure enough, the Federated Department Stores "controversy" over Christmas was part of the discussion despite the fact that there was never a tie to the Democratic party. Memo to FOX News: If anyone is ruining Christmas, it's you with your Scroogey attitudes, dudes. Haven't you heard it's supposed to be the season of joy and hope? Get with the program!

By the way, during commercial breaks, I have seen FOX air a message saying "Happy Holidays." Apparently, it's not just liberals who want to be PC. Why not Jesus in the manger, Mr. Ailes?

Bah, Humbug.

FOX News Channel
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New York, NY 10036