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The Return of the "Happy Iraq" Myth

Reported by Nancy - December 14, 2004 -

FNL this morning (12/14) included a segment I haven't seen for a while: the happy, upbeat, "we're so swell" & "everything in Iraq is really just fabulous" story based on some obscure factoid or incident. Also, if you thought the jury decision on the death penalty in Scott Peterson's case meant that FNL would finally stop the incessant, wall-to-wall coverage & move on, you'd be wrong.

At 12:34pm (ET), Heather Nauert did a "happy Iraq" report, claiming that the US media focus on bombs & body counts is not reporting "positive" stories, like how well the newly-trained Iraqi forces are doing. She said the group she was with has been "in the north" which was "pretty safe" & they "felt comfortable" walking around the streets.

One other story tangentially relates to the "happy Iraq" theme: at 12:51pm, Asman interviewed Marine Lance Cpl Lawrence Battle, wounded in Fallujah "protecting his buddies", asked doctors to amputate his finger rather than remove his wedding ring [comment: completely unclear how removing a finger would "save" a ring]. Battle & his wife Devann talked rather incoherently about symbols & meanings of circles. Asman got in a plug for his own son (who is a Marine) & wrapped up by telling Battle he's "a hero".

As for the Scott Peterson story, in addition to endless teasers & a couple of interviews, David Asman devoted some of his "Asman Observer" wrap-up to claiming that the imposition of the death penalty shows that Californians may not be "as liberal as" some think [comment: is that a tacit admission that liberals value life more highly?].