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"Liberal Values are Under Attack"

Reported by Ellen - December 10, 2004

That's what Alan Colmes said last night during the final hour of his radio show when he exhorted liberals to "get with the program" and start fighting back against the conservative onslaught.

Specifically, he was referring to the lack of liberals in the audience the night before during his TV show, Hannity & Colmes, in Cupertino, California, home of the latest FOX cause celebre, "Take Back America." However, I think we can extend the need for us to fight back not just against this one attack but to FOX, their hate-mongering "issues" and their hate-mongering hosts.

What FOX and its bully spokesman, Sean Hannity, want to "take back" in this case is the ability for a teacher to proselytize in his classroom by handing out references to God in historic documents such as the Declaration of Independence. While SOME might call that trying to steal America, FOX has been very clever with its wording to make it look as though those who want to UPHOLD our American values are the ones trying to do the stealing.

Colmes made the excellent point that, "Conservatives seem to continually feel like they are under attack. Liberals continue to feel like 'we're fine.' Well, we're not fine. (We're) not as organized, not as articulate, not as passionate as the right is and that is why they keep winning... Why aren't those on my side of this issue as forceful and as outspoken and as willing to show up?"

I'm pretty sure Colmes did not have us in mind nor my solution but there's no reason we should not heed the call.

Let's start with FOX! How dare they call our time-tested values of separating church and state erasing God? How dare they call a teacher who is suing for the right to proselytize in a public school fighting back? Let's ask them why they hate America so much that they want to undo our traditions.


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