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"That's The Way Rummy Likes It"

Reported by Ellen - December 9, 2004

So said FOX News' Megyn Kendall on FOX News Live Without Alan Colmes, parroting the spin of "Senior Defense Officials" on the tough grilling the US troops gave Donald Rumsfeld yesterday during his visit to Kuwait. "He likes to get tough questions and he takes those questions back to the Pentagon and tries to get answers for them."

Right-oh, Megyn. I'm sure it was Rummy's love for answering tough questions that prompted him to ignore the army's opposition to his invasion plan and force General Eric Shinseki into retirement after he told Rummy that several hundred thousand troops would be needed to control Iraq after the war. But then your job, Megyn, is not to question official statements but to repeat them and offer them at face value. Otherwise, you might end up like Shinseki, I suppose. Why be right when you can be employed at FOX News?

Obviously, substitute hosts Rich Lowry and Ellis Hennican had the same convictions as Kendall. Neither of them saw any BS worth mentioning when they played the clip of Rummy saying, "Everyone was taken by surprise by the breadth and depth of the insurgency of the resistance," In fact, it has been widely reported that the professional soldiers (Shinseki included) that Rumsfeld chose to ignore foresaw exactly that. See for example, Winston-Salem Journal. This baloney comes from a man who Bush says he wants to keep during his second term. But that wasn't remarked upon either.

Rumsfeld said, again without skepticism from any of the FOX on-air "News" staff, "You go to war with the Army you have, not the Army you might want or wish to have." Oh, really? Is Rummy saying that the war was so pressing we couldn't wait for the armored Humvees that now can't be produced fast enough? I thought it had been proven that Sadam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction? What kind of a high-handed answer is that to give men and women risking their lives in a war zone that he underestimated and oversold? Unfortunately, the FOX audience will never know. These are questions that were not asked, much less answered.

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